NOW Page #24 July 2022

TL:DR | Today is my birthday, and I find that for the first time in years I am excited for the day to come. I went with the flow this morning, and now I am heading off to work.

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Having a birthday in the literal smack dab middle of the year is honestly so fitting for me. Between being multidisciplinary being pulled between many interests, and yearning for the most vast of experience pools. The middle of the year birthday allows for me to experience the year in a unique point of view.

It is weird creating content on my bday, as this sort of is like work. Ironically I have to work tonight as well. I finally started a new job at a local warehouse place.

I've been saying for a while in these updates that I needed more income. I'm so distracted and stressed by fiscal strain that I can't focus on PolyInnovator as much. Even when I have a plethora of time.

The tides of the universe are pushing in the right direction I'd say.

What am I doing... NOW? July 2022

The only consistent content has been my swimming newsletter, which can be found both here and on Substack.

I wanted to be extra defined on when my posts go out, Wednesday at noon each week, as I wanted it to grow as fast as possible. It is just starting out, and I reached out to as many clients as I could from the past to sign up. I treat my site as the home for all of my content as I can, but I also like the format of substack. That is why I am doing both simultaneously, and if I ever need to stop doing Sub I can just default to my main blog. Note: You can just follow the swimming newsletter on its own, instead of following all of the ones I have!

I just recently started a new job like I mentioned before, and I am currently dealing with the physical stress that causes. Even when I worked three jobs at once I didn't get to this level of hours. Let alone doing physical labor for that entire time too. It is more endurance based, and I am a sprinter by nature. Not to mention I went from practically nothing (only few clients, bit of karaoke, and then PolyInnovator content) to dog sitting one week, going on a float trip all weekend, then started the new full time job the week after. 0-100 real quick!

It is nice though because when I applied it was $14.15 an hour, but got bumped up to $17.65 a couple days into it. I need the income to pay off debt, save up, and travel. Not to mention I feel like the extra focus on work is making have to work harder on PolyInnovator as well. For example I am rushing to finish this Now Page Update before having to go to work in 30 minutes. It puts a fire under me.

In a bigger view #MACRO, What's Coming up

I still have a ton of regular content to make, as well as OmniContent interleaved through it all too. Then the weekly newsletter, and at some point I want to start my content repurposing sub-brand too.

I think this happened before covid, but certainly due to quarantine as well; but I feel that I have been one and half years behind schedule for a while now. Any time I plan something out ahead, usually it is 6-12mos ahead, then I end up being a year early on the time table. In a bad way, as I plan for it to happen a year from now, but actually it happens in two.

Like I started my swimming phase 2 for PolyInnovator back in October/November 2021, but I didn't get around to it until June.

Same thing happened with the OmniContent, which is still in a growing phase getting formed into a consistent series.

Additionally, I still have to transcribe all of my interviews into blog posts/mental models to learn from. Then restart the interviews, and start the new secondary interview series as well.

Now I know what you might be thinking, Dustin this is too much, but that is LITERALLY the point of my personal brand!! hahaha

I want to prove that it is possible, with patience, planning, organizing, and dedication.

Side Note:

I just realized that this is a consistent monthly newsletter type of thing. Never did I consider that if people were interested enough I could turn this into a newsletter series too. It is one of the few things I make sure I get out every month, even if I am late like I was a couple months this year. IT ALWAYS DOES. Lmk if you think it is a good idea.

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