My Favorite Social Media Management Tool(s)

TL:DR | Creating content and repurposing it needs to go somewhere. Social media is one of the best places to share with the world, but what tools do you use to share them?

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My Favorite Social Media Management Tool(s)

Today I wanted to create a post that would help you all understand the social media tool side of the content repurposing game.

This way it will help you find the best tool for you, and I can share some of my favorites with you!

Edit: October 2023

I've spent a ton of time since this post agonizing over what tool to use, even after saying how much I like the tools I mentioned before (now moved to honorable mentions).

What goes into a good tool?

Ease of publishing. I can't tell you how important it is to get an idea you have out there quickly. Now some tools I've had it crash on me, and I lost all of the copy I had written out. So no matter what tool you use make sure you periodically press ctrl-A and ctrl-C, to quickly copy everything you put down.

Another useful thing to keep in mind is a clean interface, as does it take you multiple clicks to get to where you want to go?

Finally the cost, as I am paying for everything out of pocket still myself. I can't be affording that $30 a month.

How many have I tried?

This was something I would talk about a lot on podcasts, but I have literally tried around 100 social media management tools!

Why? Well for one most of them couldn't do what I wanted to do, which is honestly freaking ridiculous to be honest. All I wanted was to have delayed releases once a new content piece went out. If a new blog post or video, then it would post day of, day later (opposite time of day), week later, month later, half year, and then year later. Honestly, that really isn't uncommon, and a lot of creators do it manually. Although I couldn't fathom why most tools wouldn't do it. Missingletter was the only one that did for the most part, but the automations were subpar (as were the auto text input). Not to mention only for blog posts, nothing for video or podcasts.

Coschedule and Nelio Content were the most configurable, but were expensive and really tied down to wordpress/CMS's.

Here is a list of most of the tools out there, I was going to make one, but then I came across this one:

Social media scheduling tools: The complete list (2022 update)
Here is a list of over 90 different social media scheduling tools, so you can compare your options when searching for a social media scheduling tool.

My Top Tools:

I am torn between tool amazing tools, and that is because they both do half of what I need really well. They both CAN however do the other half, just not as good in my opinion as the other.

The two needs are:

  • BULK scheduling for Tiktoks/Shorts/AND Reels.
  • Strong RSS Automation, to share my blog/podcast/YT posts onto various socials.

While Publer is good when it comes to automations, it is still quite lacking in RSS features. However even after trying out Nuelink, Publer was better at doing BULK upload when it comes to short form videos.

Still many tedious steps like checking off checkboxes PER platform PER video. However it is far more useful than the annoying CSV upload option that most other tools offer.

Publer - Your Social Media Superhero
Schedule your Facebook posts, Instagram posts, TikToks, Tweets, Mastodon posts, LinkedIn updates, Pinterest Pins, Google Business Profile posts, YouTube videos, WordPress articles & Telegram messages with Publer. Save time, drive traffic, focus on your business.

I'll give props where its due, the bulk upload on here is not BAD. It is still one of the only tools that offers a bulk upload option that is not JUST CSV based.

However I had too many steps to get each post done. Although maybe with time it will become equal to Publer!

What it does EXCEL at are the RSS automations, and one feature in particular that made me stupidly happy. Is the fact that you can do alternative text options. So that your automations don't look the EXACT same every time.

Nuelink - Social Media Scheduling and Automation Tool
Nuelink is a social media scheduling and automation for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business and Pinterest…

Honorable Mentions: SocialBu and SocialChief

SocialChief - Social Media Scheduling Tool
Need to schedule social media posts for later? Meet SocialChief. The free super-simple social media scheduling tool for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

SocialBu - Social Media Management and Automation
SocialBu is an easy to use Social Media Management and Automation Tool. Manage and automate your social media across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Why does this matter?

Here is what I wrote in the original post:

Buffer and Socialchief won me over because of their minimalism, and the fact that they have a capable free plan. A lot of the other tool's free plans are sub par at best. I also can't stand Hootsuite's interface for the life of me.
Your tools are the forefront of your ability to repurpose content. Sadly I couldn't use Buffer to post some of my Reels, as they were too big. I ended up downloading the Instagram app for Windows, which ironically just seems to be the website used through an Edge portal.
Although it didn't work when I went on the website through my browser, weird. Anyways, your tools will be the catalyst to you being able to share your repurposed content. Now while some tools like or will automatically send out the repurposed content. Not all of them will, and sometimes you might also want a bit more control or analytics.

Here is my update:

While many tools like Buffer have similar features. The actual usage of those features are pretty subpar compared to Publer/Nuelink.

I'm using BOTH of these tools, and I think that people should REALLY look into them.

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