Life is Not Comfortable Part 2

TL:DR | If you let yourself be bogged down by preconceived beliefs or biases, then you hinder your own growth.

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Life is Not Comfortable Part 2

Stand Up!

Note: See part one here.

The point of this blog post today is to explain the necessary parts of life you are not going to enjoy.

As a swim instructor for a better half of a decade I have come across many people whom are terrified of the water. This is cause of some traumatic incident in their youth, or even the “black people can’t swim” stereotype. The problem is that it is true BECAUSE people are conducing that mindset. I have taught people of literally all ages, creeds, genders, and most of all ethnicity.

The Comfort Zone is a realm of unknown potential, so today I am making this post in an attempt to expand upon the audacity most of the population employ’s when dealing with situations in life that make them uncomfortable.

The problem is that change IS good for you. With the new occurrence changing the neurological pathways in your brain, muscle memory adapting to the new situation, and the most important: your self-discipline increasing.

Limiting Beliefs

I hate that stereotype that I previously mentioned, in fact that even writing it out made me feel like I was going to be judged greatly, but screw that I don’t create the illusion to myself that stereotypes are a thing that everyone follow, and most of all I destroy them.

I have trained people to get past their perceived fears, and make them realize that all along the thing they were scared of most was the thoughts behind it.

I get them to put their face in the water, training them how to hold their breath comfortably (ironically sense this post is about being uncomfortable), and despite their initial discomfort they grow accustomed to it. Just like with every skill it just takes practice.

I get them to then proceed to kick, then move their arms, and eventually they start to swim. This all happens generally speaking in a dramatically quick timeline. Some people take a bit more time and patience, but in the end it doesn’t even matter because they accomplished something they thought completely impossible before.

One thing I try to convey to people is that they have so much more potential than they initially perceive, and it goes without saying I strive everyday to make people see that.

It doesn’t matter if I am teaching my classes, walking down the street, or even writing blog posts like this I create the drive for change. I made boil down to my blood in my veins, so that everyday I wake up with a mindset for change.

Changing the Gears in the Mind

Now people do not have to copy that level of dedication, and in fact it may not be healthy to be so accustomed to change.

Though Darwin once said that “It is not the strongest, nor the smartest who survive; it is the ones most adaptable to change.” I think that alone sums up the feeling of fear towards change.

We are beings of security, when there is risk we freak out, but if we make our minds stronger than our biological presets it allows us to overcome any obstacle ahead of us!

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