Life is Not Comfortable

TL:DR | You Should Not Feel Comfortable it is Bringing YOU Back to the Stone Ages. Adapting creatures are the most likely to survive. Don't be comfortable, instead adapt.

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Life is Not Comfortable

You shouldn’t be comfortable in life it leads to being stale, repetitive, and overall dull.

This is not something you want to exude from your LIFE, dull? Really? You really want to be known, if you’re even remembered, for a dull life? I want you to look at your life deeply right now, and think about how you have made it thus far. Has any of your positive attributes to your life ever come from making an easy endeavor? I am going to guess not.

In fact I am willing to tell all of you that the best choices in life take a moment to decide, perhaps if a great opportunity comes along you take it despite the risk, but it is because you know for sure it is going to be good. The thing is you still knew that there was a steep risk, if the opportunity was more clouded you would have had to think about it more. The point overall is to go towards it no matter if you can see past the end or not.


No successful person ever has ever gotten to where his or her goals are if they stayed in their comfortable zone. There is this little area outside of it called success, and they stepped into it. Steve Jobs, Leonardo Da Vinci, Nikola Tesla, Mark Zuckerberg, Thomas Edison, and so much more they all had to get out of their comfort zone and into life in order to succeed.

See I want you to be successful, I plan to make my life based on helping others, aiding others on THEIR quest, creating an environment CONDUCIVE to growth, and most of all: Innovation Driven.

The U.L.C. is meant to be that goal, and for me I try to make myself uncomfortable every day, and it is so damn hard. I am not going to sit here and complain to you, but just today for example I naturally woke up 30 minutes earlier, instead of going back to sleep I thought to myself.

“Do I want to wake up slowly and peacefully now, and get an extra head start on my day, or do I want to go back to sleep for an extra 30 minutes and have to fly out of bed to turn off my alarm across the room?” When you put it like that there is no reason to stay in bed.

Once You Realize

I am getting emotional writing this paragraph simply because writing this entire post is cutting into my ambition muscle, it is making me remember all my goals, my dedication, and my drive to succeed.

You my friends, are motivating me without even doing anything. Though it would be amazing if you clapped, I am going to be making posts no matter what, but if there is feedback from you I will know what to write more about.

When YOU realize that in order to accomplish your passion, hell to even find your passion in the first place (if you haven’t yet), you do have to escape the part of life that is safe.

Create a regime of discomfort: working out, taking a new path to work, waking up earlier, drinking a different coffee. It’s not about what you do its what it does to you!

How to Get OUT of that Mindset

As I said before you need to create a regime, or more particularly a habit. One that is conducive to trying new things, following up on late projects that you haven’t finished (hobbies for example), doubling the amount of time doing something (reading, studying, working out) that is hard to do, and really anything that will put you in your danger zone mentally. Asking out that one person on the train for example.

What the case may be I need you to reach for greater heights, go out and literally try this TODAY. No waiting around for it, no doing it next week, or the week after, You do this TODAY!

Create a habit based around this, and it actually gets really easy over time, this is not a good thing as it makes it harder to challenge yourself. :)

Go OUT and GET Uncomfortable!!,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/


I hope today that this post has motivated you to step outside your comfort zone, that was the intention going in, and most of all I hope that it leads you new success in your life. The challenges you face in life can be drastically hard, to not let your head down. The more you go out and face them, the stronger you will become.

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