How We Can Change the World

TL:DR | In our World There are a significant number of mysteries in life and unsolved questions. They prevent us from furthering our knowledge and exploration of the unknown.

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How We Can Change the World

We are missing a part of our story.

What that part is I do not know, but I would like to find out. At the very least learn from it, so we can hopefully not make the same mistakes!

The point that this post today is trying to make is the fundamental understanding of our history is skewed by religious notions, and changed history. There are so many different understandings of how the world works. What we do there is look at the world how it rationally looks, and how that effects our Four Pillars (I know rationally effecting the Spiritual Pillar, more on that next time). Taking the bureaucracy of government and religion out of the context allows a simple view: We are here.

We are here in this room, we are here in this country, we are here on Earth, and we are here in this entire expansive universe. It is a mind boggling concept to think about, and when you try to throw in some reasoning as to how, it makes you miss the extremely prudent point. We are here right now capable of amazing things.

The possibilities of our growth is immeasurable, think of all of the science fiction movie you’ve seen and throw them out the window. We could be capable of much more than even that, but only if we actually tried to go towards that goal in unison. The chance that we all grow up and put the past behind us is slim, but if we can learn compassion for everyone and everything then maybe there is a chance.

“A Map To Utopia”

This book came to me by sheer luck when I was going through pages on (R.I.P.) [Now], and it resonated with me so deeply that I read the entire thing immediately. Which for me as a person who has not developed a viable reading habit yet, is a pretty great feat. It talks about the grandiose topic of infinity and how religion served a good purpose in humanity’s history when we were less knowledgeable.

Now with our vast new knowledge of all topics, sciences, and more importantly knowledge about space and time, it really falls short in the usefulness category. The author eloquently explained it in Chapter II.

Please take the time to read it, as it is not quite long, just simply a bit dense of information. I take it that if you’re reading this blog at any point in time you would have the brain power and patience to read it!

“Every human consists of both a tangible physical existence and an intangible mental existence. The tangible and intangible parts co-exist as one being.”

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United Living People

The posts as of late has been following one simple theme for the most part, YOU. The people of the U.L.C. The ULCians, the people who will change the world. I want this to shine in your life, an aspect that you can be proud of, for maybe together we can #MAKEACHANGE.

To know what we can do as a team, we must know who makes up that team itself. There are FOUR types of ULCians. The creators who create the world we live in, the Uniters who bring the people together to live in the world, The Leaders of that world to live, and finally the PolyULCians (The people who imbue all three top qualities rather equally).

These are the people who can be the beacons of light across the world, the symbols of what humanity can accomplish. We envision a great innovative city with every one of these types of people living together. Prosperously and unified these people lead the planet as a central form of leadership, one without previous inclinations to a certain way of life. One without any form of official history to stay a tradition to. At least as of the creation of it!

With this blank slate the city can live in peace without having to have anything holding it back, besides the world itself, which we can try to bring into the prosperity as we go. This city can be a catalyst of innovation, science, philosophy, enlightenment, and most importantly of all, peace.

We want this to happen in the world, not just because I say so, but because if we don’t find some sort of centralized leadership then the only other choice for humanity is self-destruction. If we can create that leadership then the progress of humanity is ripe to begin once more. Currently the world is at a tipping point, with all of the chaos, and corruption there is not much to hope for…yet. We can create and spark that hope within anybody and everybody. Simply by creating this wonderful city. A “City of Tomorrow” if you will.,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/

A Crossroads of Destiny

As someone who dreams of a day where a Human-made Utopia could exist, this resonated with me to the very core. I look at the world with a lens of peace and compassion. At times my emotions want to cloud my judgement. My anger at someone might want to control my actions, but I have learned that with the control I can exude I can create an outcome that is far better for all involved.

The monumental capacity that we all have is so amazing that I can’t describe in words perfectly, but I will try:

We have the ability to not only process a situation in real time, and decipher the inner meanings of what’s being said, the underlying thought process attributed to it all, but to also make a choice in our way (our own actions) to respond with compassion and love.

“I destroy my enemies, by making them my friends.” -Abraham Lincoln

Now some say he didn’t even truly say that, and really you know what it doesn’t matter, for the pure aspect of that thought is extraordinary. Take your enemies find what they like, make common ground, and make them allies.

Reach for the Stars

In the book the author talked about reaching for the stars when it came to your dream. If you only go for what is in your comfort zone then you will never be able to accomplish great things, the dream with wither and fade away into nothingness.

“Some people will say Utopia is an impossible dream. If you set your sights on only grabbing a leaf off of a high tree limb, instead of grabbing for a star, because you believe the leaf is more attainable, then you will only get the leaf, which will wither and die, while the star still shines from afar.” -Jon Will

Strive for the stars when you decide your aspiration, go for what makes you uncomfortable, because if your dream or your “why” in life doesn’t make you uncomfortable then THAT IS NOT YOUR WHY. Make something of yourself, and without out a doubt #MAKEACHANGE !!

Strive for that Utopia, strive for greatness, and strive to make the world united once and for all!


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