How to Swim [PolyPRO Exclusive]

TL:DR | I wanted to do something special for my PolyPRO subscribers. Think of this like a micro-course, with a ton of information from the book, courses, and weekly newsletter.

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How to Swim [PolyPRO Exclusive]

This is meant to be a special bonus for the PolyPRO subscribers. Since I already have been making a course, and my "How to Swim: The Philosophy and Hydrodynamics of Swimming" book. I thought it would be nice to create a long form blog post, and this would sort of be like how the book would be.

From what I've written so far it is quite vast and even more detailed than this post I can say though.

Given that some people may be starting from nothing, and others have been swimming for years; This is a guide to master it from whatever starting point.

Throughout the post I'll also be linking out to various newsletter posts I've made for that subject so you can read more on it. Let's get to it!

Mastery of the Mind

When getting into the pool, what is your mindset? Are you fearful, or are you excited? Are you able to switch from being on land, to being in the water swimming quickly? Are you able to stay calm when your body thinks it needs air?

These are all very dynamic situations, that are different for everyone for the most part. Yes, there are common occurrences, such as a neglectful parent just simply throwing their kid into the water to "learn to swim or drown". Leaving a mental scar for a lot of adults, that was originally out of their control. Realizing that now that you're older it is in your control, and you can surpass it.

That strategy only tends to work 10% of the time, and the other 90% makes the person deathly afraid of the water. At very least makes the person never want to step in a pool again, which is quite counter-intuitive.

Even if you're not fearful of the water, there is almost always this level of panic when running out of air. This is a physiological response from our body, and in our minds we need "oh I need to breathe".

However in actuality we really don't need to nearly as much as we THINK we need to.

This is an Example of what my PolyPro Posts Look like

Meaning that the paid subscription gets you long form, information/wisdom dense, and overall just full of value posts like this. Topics may vary, but the quality does not! You can expect awesome detailed posts like this one! If you're already a PolyPRO member then keep on scrolling!

I go into detail for all Four Pillars, as well as many other aspects of swimming in this post. Imagine the section above, but ten times over.

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