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TL:DR | The level of interactions you have with any given number of people every single day is staggering.

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The level of interactions you have with any given number of people every single day is staggering.

Overall the impact they have on you is determined by how much you let them. The overall effect of their voice, is the overall willingness to let them in. There needs to be a filter, as too many of the cases end up being hazardous to your mental well being.

The dangers of letting everyone in is that their emotions, opinions, and even thoughts start to become your own. Their impact is starting to change the way you think, and starting to control the way you live your life.

Make A Change

Develop a strong mindset dedicated to listening to others, but not consuming everything they are telling you. Decide now what you want your thoughts to be and keep them.

Despite that notion of keeping your thoughts stable, there is a level of open-mindedness that needs to be there as well.

It is a matter of balance.

No matter what the intentions are in your life, keep them geared towards a positive mindset. Right now as you read this my words are impacting your mind. I am not here to manipulate you in any way, in fact I am writing this to improve your life. Take these words with an open mind.

Keep a strong mindset of your own, so that you can become successful, and not have the doubters drag you down.

Do not however keep your mind so closed that you fail to listen to the people in your life who wish to help you.

Take the Steps to being Proactive

For one you can strive for an opportunistic mentality, and cultivate going outside of your comfort zone.

There are a 1000 steps ahead of you, so take the first one and get moving. So many people hold themselves back purely because of their thought processes. I often walk from my car to work in the parking lot a decent ways. Even when it is cold outside, or I am wearing shorts, I will often walk a long ways. Why does it matter if it is cold?

That is a temporary notion and experience.

As soon as you get inside the feeling of discomfort essentially subsides. Sure with age you may grow more sensitive to it, I empathize with that, but even still that is a temporary sensation. Here lies the problem though, people complain about being cold, and often times IT IS WHILE THEY ARE STILL IN THE COLD.

That situation is a great analogy for many other aspects of life. Due to our complaining, overthinking, and constant need for being comfortable 24/7; We often waste so much time in the negative. In turn decreases the amount of time we have with the positive experience that comes after, such as going inside the warm building.

Free yourself from your mind, and you will enjoy life's experiences far more.

Open Your Mind to the Beauty of the World
There is an outstanding beauty all around us with the dawn of new age there is a hindrance to our vision of the world. We see what the screen displays in front of us, instead of looking outside of the screen to the world beyond.

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