61 - Being Okay with Being Uncomfortable

TL:DR | Learning skills like swimming begins with discomfort, requiring mental determination to overcome fears. The importance of embracing discomfort and pushing through it to acquire new life skills effectively.

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61 - Being Okay with Being Uncomfortable

I can't look you in the eye and not tell you that learning any skill begins with you being uncomfortable. Let alone something as complex or difficult as swimming.

Does that mean you can't learn it? Of course not. However if you think that it is completely smooth sailing, then you're in for a bad time. I've had the most adamant clients who didn't want to go say underwater, but within even a single lesson (or few) they would be doing it.

Life is Not Comfortable - Fireside Codex
You Should Not Feel Comfortable it is Bringing YOU Back to the Stone Ages.Adapting creatures are the most likely to survive. Don’t be comfortable, instead adapt.

Why + Philosophy:

Now why did that occur? When someone is strongly opposed to doing something like that, such as holding your breathe under water. How do I get them to do that? I can't make anyone do anything, but I can convince them.

That is what teaching is really, as you convince the other person that this in fact is true. They may be uncomfortable with the idea, perhaps they think they'll drown or something similar, but if I let them know I am there. I am, their parent (if a kid), or that they could always stand up. Those allow for a mental comfort level.

How + Physics:

You might physically tense up if you are uncomfortable, even just a tiny bit mentally. That can be detrimental to you learning to swim. Meaning as your instructor I need to get you around that.

Various trainings can improve your confidence, but what matters is simply just practice. However if you are too scared to practice, then how do we proceed?

Well we don't. You have to get around to the idea that life is not comfortable, and that includes right now in the pool. When you are doing that "tough" new lesson, or even just showing up. It is a choice you have to make.

Quick Reminder:
I am hard at work at finishing up the "How to Swim" book, that I have been putting together for a few years now! I started this newsletter to build up to it, and we are so close! I hope you are looking forward to it.

What + Psychology:

It all comes down to that mental decision of whether or not you are going to do something. Ironically regardless of your initial decision I'm going to keep trying.

I mean not only is it my job, but I'm also stubborn. Sometimes pushing the same exercise will work. Although mostly it comes down to switching to other alternatives.

Perhaps there is a way to sneakily get you to do the thing you need to do. Such as hold your breathe for longer, or maybe sink down.


The whole point of this post is to get you to understand this one simple thing. You will not be comfortable, and not only do you not WANT TO BE. You shouldn't expect it in the first place.

You are signing up for a brand new LIFE skill, and that takes effort. It takes getting out of your comfort zone.

You'd be surprised how many adults sign up even, but they don't want to push themselves. You have to be willing to be uncomfortable.

This is advice for people to level up their swimming, or perhaps get started in the first place. While you swim you should make sure you are doing so in a public facility with a lifeguard on duty for safety.

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