Your Life, Your Pillars.

TL:DR | Given what makes you tick, and how you live in life, there is a certain balance to maintain. That balance is in your Four Pillars of your life.

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In your life there are boundless different means to live, and with so many choices it starts to become difficult to find your path. The chosen route that you have until the end of your life can seem like a vast and daunting decision.

The real kicker is that you do not have to decide exactly what you want to do out of your life right away if you do not know already. Life is about experience, and making the best out of those experiences. The sayings “live life to the fullest”, or “just do it” come to mind here.

Establishing your goals is what will make you successful yes, but success doesn’t always mean happy, and it surely doesn’t account for any unforeseen circumstances. This leads to the main point today, you must be ready for any situation to arise at anytime. Maybe not always mentally, or physically, or even spiritually, but prepared in some way nonetheless.

The Four Pillars Philosophy was created with this in mind, and allows anybody to understand their own life in a more simplistic manner. Illuminating the life they have now, so that they can properly prepare for the life they will have!

The Four Pillars are as follows:

The Mind Pillar:

This is the mindset of yourself. How the mental field is coordinating with the other Pillars, along with your level of intelligence. It is simple in idea to boost intelligence, but hard in practice. The thing to keep in mind is to keep going for a habit!

The Body Pillar:

Most people would say this is obviously for working out. Yes, well not exactly as the Body Pillar is more expansive than that. Nutrition is a fundamental aspect of your body, and health is a major concern. You can’t go workout if you have a broken bone or lethal disease. Some people still do, but it takes a lot of discipline.

The Spirit Pillar:

The level of compassion, and understanding of the inner being. Your soul if you will is the essence of your personality, origin of your mind, and energy of your body. This resonates with many philosophies all around the world. It gives way for anyone, even for those without much spirituality, to establish an idea of their personality.

The Emotions Pillar:

Emotions are akin to an ocean wave. Flowing in and out without any consolation to the beach. You live with this constant flux, but when a bigger wave hits, then all of the sudden you are the tiniest beach on the planet. We must remain strong in order to not be knocked down by emotions, and follow a heart oriented strength.

Life Operandi

This fundamental ideology is connected with any ideal of life, and can be related to many existing beliefs without compromise. Meaning literally any person can adopt this idea. This allows for a higher spread of the philosophy, and a greater world in the future.

Cheers! -Dustin
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