You NEED to be Putting Out 100 Pieces of Content a DAY

TL:DR | From Gary Vee to PolyInnovator, these are the strategies and ideas to share across the internet through YOUR ecosystem of content.

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You NEED to be Putting Out 100 Pieces of Content a DAY

While I'm no Gary Vee, I certainly don't have his media company team behind him, but I do see what he sees. All of these years he has been screaming on the top of his lungs about the "real-estate" of these various social media platforms. To be frank it has nothing to do with social media. It has to do with what social construct is garnering the most attention, such as social media in the web 2.0, or various DAO's and social media blockchain platforms in web 3.0.

The reason I resonate so much with Gary is that me and him both are opportunists by nature. We both had businesses as kids, him more than me, which mine was selling temporary tattoos when I was 10. I even told my family at age 8-9 for my birthday I wanted office supplies so I could be a "business man". This entrepreneurial spirit has even motivated me down this content creation path. Yet me and Gary both believe in giving out information for free.

Here is the deal though, just because you are giving it out for free, doesn't mean you can't make money. I used to give out free swim lessons all of the time, and in that ONE lesson I'd convince the kid's parents or adult trainee, that working with me was worth it. The same goes for content in your ecosystem of your brand, every little piece adds up, and by the end the viewer is going to feel grateful for you truly helping them. By building up your ecosystem with free content, then you can top it off like a cherry with paid stuff.

NOTE: This PolyPRO post isn't as resource heavy as some of the other ones of it's kind. However the links I DO link out to are massive resources in of themselves, such as my "How to Go OmniChannel" post (which inspired this one), or Gary Vee's content model slidedeck.

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