You Are the Manifestation of Daily Innovation

TL:DR | Manifesting each daily action you take into a new endeavor or mindset. Cultivating the innovation in your life. Whether it is internal or external.

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You Are the Manifestation of Daily Innovation

Innovation Manifests Through Each of YOU

It is very apparent that the moment you come to this site that we are dedicated to making a change in the world. The one thing we want to tell you now, is that the change we speak of is through all of you. We cannot go out and change the way the world works with everyone staying the same, it would immediately go back to the way it was. Proper change that is permanent, prosperous, and protected is that of changing the individuals instead of the whole.

What is currently happening in the world is that each individual country is trying to get anything they can out of the others around them. They are acting like the people who are striving to climb to the top. What if we told you that “top” is just an illusion? No this isn’t some Matrix reference, as really getting to the top of the financial world is a joke. The quicker you go up, the quicker you come down. The only way to stay up is to put the others down, and tread the waters for as long as you can. This is a ridiculous way to live your life, and we believe that in unity comes prosperity. If we were to set aside past grievances then the unification process would be able to start.

This process is a fundamental exchange of innovation, and workforce. If each country in the world started working together instead of fighting, then we would have very little starving children, no lack of energies (solar and wind would work just fine), and no debt in the world. Seriously it is that simple.


Establish where you are right now. Are you happy, or are you yearning for more? Either way listen up. The state of events is one of massive global intoxication of their own self absorption. This is a quandary of great importance, as to why the world is in such a weird place. It is understandable for people to care about their well being, or even of their families, but the very level that people are taking it too is extreme.

The fundamental process of growth in the world is corrupted it’s core, which is insulting to the people who truly grow with the purpose of growth, and growth mindset. Such as all of you on this site right now. You are people who are trying to grow as individuals, and the world around you is taking that mindset and stomping on it. This is despicable because they are simply too lazy to really put in the work for proper education and discipline.

Understanding this mindset is almost too foreign to comprehend, as it deals with the laziness of the weakest people on the planet. This may sound harsh, and it should be. You all need to realize how amazing, and forthcoming you have been just by simply TRYING to improve.

Innovation is the process of improving something or someone, through a different process. That process could be extremely difficult, but innovators do it anyways. It is the best way after all.


The classification of the world order is situated in a way that creates an environment dedicated to capitalism. What we are saying right here, right now, is that capitalism is the wrong way to go. The majority of the population is not able to benefit from this ideology, and it is not to say they should automatically get something from it. No, there has to be work put into the world to get something back. There is not doubt that no matter how the world works, when you put in the effort, the effort puts back into you.

The world is full of opportunities to lay across your goals on. The thing is you need to be open to the mentality it takes to take advantage of them. No matter what type of society, with capitalism though it is more crucial. The opportunities are there, you just need to reach out.

Next lets say we are able to innovate the way the world operates on an economic scale, then what do we do? We want people to benefit from putting in the work. There should be a system in place to manage duties, and prospective successful people. You are the manifestation of innovation, and have the capacity to help create a new system.

Each of YOU

The mind’s of the rich are small. They focus on pursuing more money for the sake of having more, or more power. That is a simplistic mentality, and it takes far greater strength to want to spread compassion. Be the person with that strength. There are plenty of rich people who ignore that possibility, then are a few who truly understand and want to help. Elon Musk is a great example, as he really deep down in his heart, wants to take on the world for the better. To truly #MAKEACHANGE in ways that actually viable, and can be pursued through innovation. From Tesla to SpaceX he is trying to push humanity to a new age.

The United Living Construct is on the same path, and there will be a new innovation because of it!

The truest form of compassion, is that of selfless love for another being, even a stranger. Most of the people who see the content on our platforms, are currently strangers. Although we love to meet any single person, we won’t always be able to, but we know that the content we create can instill a great change in their life. It is worth it to us to make each of you have a better life, even if we never get to see it!

The prospects for change are great, and we hope you get to have many!

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