World Education 101

TL:DR | An old FB note that had value to keep around. Taking in the idea of a global education, and how we can rise to a new age.

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World Education 101

We are approaching an era of modular education, which is curated for the individual learner.

Learning has always been the fasted way to transfer information from one person to the next, obviously that is the concept. However the methods employed during such a process, often meant strong dedicated time to be spent. Not only on the student side, but as well as the teacher too. This lead it to be a very slow process, and in ancient times the most effective way was through stories, preaching, and myths.

Over the ages colleges and universities sprouted, with a new invention called “lectures”. Honestly it seems that they are not much different in their effectiveness. The only thing is that the students are put in a learning state. Or at least they were supposed to be.

Oftentimes this never happened. Students would be bored, or tried to quickly jot down notes by writing everything the professor says. That is an extremely inefficient way, and leads to very minimal learning. What is better is to listen, bullet down notes, but I digress.

The point is that the evolution of education has been scarce.

Every other industry has been lead through massive revolutions and overhauls. From transportation, living arrangements, nutrition, and life overall. However education seems to be getting the short end of the stick.

I am sure not for the lack of trying either, professors only teach because they care about their students progression. Or at the very least they love the subject. Some get stale or stagnant in their ways, but they start out the same for the most part.


With the rise of the internet came the overhaul of many fields, and the progression of how we educate our youth has evolved. Finally!

It has even gotten the idea of lifelong learning to the mainstream. Before only the wisest, richest, and basically people of self-discipline in general realized the importance of learning all throughout your life. I know this seems like a false generalization, but it is true the majority of people stop pursuing education after college. Not to mention losing a lot of what they learned just a few years after, due to the lack of repetition and progression.

You lose what you don’t use after all!

All across the world opportunities are rising for the youth, and for the poor. Raising their ability to learn, pursue an education, and overall quality of life. There are plenty of studies, for example by Esther Duflo (MIT), that talk about how the quality of life improves with just a year of learning. Income increases, social status, and often times even their own confidence in themselves.

The potential to change the world simply by changing education is truly immense.

It is my hope I can be a part of that endeavor via the content I make on all platforms, and the impact I can have others via my D.I.Y. Degree. (or Do It Yourself Degree). Perhaps someone you know could benefit from pursuing some Self-Education. Feel free to share this post with them!

Cheers! -Dustin M, PolyInnovator

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