World Degeneration

TL:DR | This Phoenix of a world that we live on is quite the beauty. Let's see how we turn out if we don't #makeachange!

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We have snow caps, deserts, forests, and water bodies. Although with our ever-growing infrastructure we leave all that behind. Creating a new, and unnatural way of life. A lot of philosophies and religions talk about the connection to nature. They’re all right, we do need to connect with the world more, on an intimate level. If we don’t then we won’t have a world for much longer.

Another point I wish to make is our rate of technology. As much as I think we need to start living closer to nature, I also believe we need to advance ourselves in technology. It needs to be a mutual progression, almost symbiotic in the idea. A lot of designs for utopias all have nature and tech side by side, working in unison.

Our current state of technology is on the right path, you could say. It is something you cannot truly foresee because our ideas and innovation, are both truly remarkable. You cannot always predict the outcome. I do think though that we can look at the path and see what the possibilities are, and if we do that then we can see what our goal can be.

We are definitely going towards more virtual and augmented reality path. There is no doubt. The tech wasn’t there in the past, and it wasn’t ready, now it is.

My prediction of the next few decades can be put into three points:

  1. We are headed towards a more unified software way of life, different platforms (like phones and computers) are going to have the same or at least similar operating systems. Far better than what we have now.
  2. The technology is going to let us immerse ourselves way more, into movies and games. Possibly even to the internet itself (Mozilla Firefox is adding support for VR headsets in the near future).
  3. Finally technology is going to find new power sources, now most people don’t see this coming. Think about it though the constantly empty batteries, rise and decline of gas sources. We are going to see a lot more solar panels, there is even BT headphones on Kickstarter that have a solar panel on them. Possibly wind generators on houses. Only time will tell.

There is much to look forward to, and so much to prepare for. Do not let yourselves get caught up with all the minimal problems that we don’t look at the big picture.

The previous paragraphs have been about the positives, and now it is time for some negatives. For example the energy inefficiency in the U.S.A. We are terrible, as a nation, about optimizing our energy usage. People leave lights on in places there is no reason to at all. Other times we waste gas by driving to a place that would have been quicker to walk to etc. WE ARE GOING TO RUN OUT. There is no arguing about that, maybe the amount of time. Still what does it matter how long does it take? Oh wait, it does, for if we do not focus on preparing ourselves for the future then how do expect our descendants to even be able to live. Let alone thrive.

We need to #MAKEACHANGE, that is why we have the Make a Change hashtag all over this blog. To get the point across how important this is. Starting off by recycling and have a healthy physique (eating right and working out) is a good start. Though it is far from enough because that is making a change within yourself, and what we need to do is make a change within each other. Not only in our community, but in the way we interact interpersonal as well. STOP treating others as a different “race” or faction even. There is no such thing as “race”, in the context of how most people use it.

That is a social construct that was made in order to make people feel good about themselves when slavery was around here.

Completely just stop using it, if you want to say that someone who is from a country far away is a different ethnicity fine. Though I personally think that culture is beautiful, there has to be a change in that. Some culture, even in places you wouldn’t think, is getting too harmful. Such as America’s Columbus day. Like really? You want to celebrate a man who came to a place where there was already thousands of people living, and decided that they were not worth living. Went around the entire Caribbean slaughtering thousands of innocent people.

There is no point in trying to hide it people. We are ALL human, homo-sapiens, beings. So stop trying to diverse everybody. Just because everybody deserves to be different doesn’t mean we need to judge someone, by the color of their hair, or the pigment of their skin.


Another problem, which I spoke a bit about in a post or so ago, is Religion. Now don’t get all mad thinking I'm Anti-Religion, far from it actually. The idea of Religion of itself is beautiful. Think about it, whatever origin story you believe, there is someone who can be classified as a hero to the people. Inspiring others to be great themselves, even if that means just being kind to your neighbors. You would be surprised how rare that is now. The fact that groups of people come together in celebration of God, or meditation, is astounding. Our nature as mammals makes us have a hint of pack mentality. I think that it is fading over time, which is good, but that pack idea gets put in our heads and we have the omegas. The people who are loners and who stick to themselves. They can find peace and love with religion, and that is great.

Now to the negative. Religion has always been oppressive, I’m sorry but it is true. Major religions like Christianity and Islam have for centuries pushed their ideals onto others. I’m not saying others haven’t, just that theirs was far more prominent. In recent decades it has dwindled down quite a bit. Though think about this, within about 30 miles of the city I am in, there is more than 900 churches and mosques. That is overboard. I am all for getting people to be more spiritual and philosophical, but there has to be a limit on what is imposed.

To a more crucial point is the separation of church and state. This is what the United States of America was FOUNDED ON. Yet there is an outstanding amount of politicians and leaders who want their religion, mainly Christians, imposed on places that is supposed to be neutral and freedom of religion. (like the senate and house) That is against the constitution itself, and our politicians, who are the people who are supposed to uphold that, are the ones trying to break it??

All of these things come together to form a big mess, which of course we have had for quite some time. I believe that we are the generation to get over. We are the ones who WILL #MAKEACHANGE, and WILL help the world become better that it was.

The Phoenix rebirth of the Earth. (it has a catchy ring to it doesn’t it?)

We will create the United Living Construct in all it’s eventual forms, and we will derive our greatest strengths from the past into a new way of life. Cultivating prosperous ideals and communities. No longer will people struggle to survive, and no longer will greedy people take their hold upon the innocent.


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