A Better Humanity (Dalai Lama)

TL:DR | Contributing to a Better Humanity | The original intention of this post was to share this video with you, and in hopes to help you feel compassion for others in some way. Not that you don't already, but just simply get you thinking in that mindset! :)

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With such passion and fierce desire for peace the Dalai Lama speaks about how humanity can create a better, more peaceful world. The lack of desire by most people seems to originate from the televised world disgracing outside ideologies. Not to say that all televised media is doing this, but the ones that get the most viewings do.

We are in a world of desperation for compassion. Some countries in Africa have been compared to hell on Earth, simply due to the staggering change in the economic and social environments. The elevated terrible nature in these places, is only from lack of understanding, and misuse by corporations draining the resources.

We seem to have a lack of understanding of the world as a whole. There is no unity throughout the world. The United Nations is not unity, it is a group of nations stacked together for their own gains from the other countries. Granted some good comes out of the woodworks, but they care too much about the individual problems, that they generally lack perspective for the overall goal. The outrage that some people are going to have over this topic is fine, the situation needs to be addressed. We need more people like the Dalai Lama, creating order and peace.

Peaceful minds in the leadership positions of the world. The United Nations is just a glorified congress, not making much progress in the overall scale of things. People like the DL are going out to try and make a change in the minds of the countries all over. Pay that kindness and compassion forward, with the intent of making a change!

The Pay it Forward mentality that is often spoken about is indirectly mentioned in the video, he talks about sharing this knowledge of peace and humanity open-minded organization, and paying forward with friends and family. Then they pay it forward, forward, and forward until it reaches more and more people.

The true capacity of humanity is greatly unknown. Even the greatest Sci-fi flicks cannot even begin to describe the potential we have as a species.

Share the peace. Share your knowledge. Share compassion. Mostly importantly share the change. #MAKEACHANGE.

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The world is an astounding assortment of events and people from the beginning of time to the end. A series of events including, and acted on, by people. People are literally what drive the universe. If you add compassionate humans into the mix the world itself grows.

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This Phoenix of a world that we live on is quite the beauty. Let's see how we turn out if we don't #makeachange!

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