Why the Perfect Day Doesn’t Exist

TL:DR | What the perfect day I think constitutes as is the ability to balance every facet of life, as well as include the endeavors an individual wishes to attain.

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Why the Perfect Day Doesn’t Exist

Why You Don’t Want it To Either

Over the past better half of a decade my goal in life was to pursue Self-Development and Self-Education. This being because I felt that I needed to improve my own level of knowledge in order to become who I wished to be in the long run. Constantly creating new habits, cultivating skills, and eagerly attempting at creating systems (long-running habits).

I remember back in around 2012 I was really into MOOC’s, as well as their potential. I wanted to pursue many courses, but I was barely able to finish a course in that time. I thought to myself how could I possibly make that a habit? Let alone having a MOOC habit, Duolingo, Exercise, Nutrition, and various other endeavors.

Now many years later I have developed systems in place in my brain, that have cultivated that growth mindset. Basically when I feel that it is a right time I then workout, I then take a course, and by being able to consistently do that I’ve increased my likelihood of doing those habits. I’ve completed over 30 courses at this point, read many books, I exercise three times a week if not more, and I create content every week. Now my habits are still very reliant on my Flow cycles, and energy levels (As many of my followers may have been able to tell from my infrequent content sometimes); However the point remains I’ve made tremendous progress (and still have a ways to go!).

The Productive Day

Now you can create systems, track your SMART goals, and cultivate a winning growth mindset, but none of it comes down to being able to do that consistently. Why then am I talking about productivity for a perfect day?

Mastering your productivity is integral to a perfect day, as it is your ability to make use of all the time within that day. I find myself in a constant struggle to maintain that high level of creativity and productivity. I get into slumps where my creativity is like a canyon, but other times I create 40 pieces of content at once. I try to make sure I account for my creativity and Flow cycles (Flow being the optimal state of mind and focus). NOTE: I’ll talk more about Flow again at some point, leave a comment or Tweet me if you want it sooner!

My craving to constantly improve has lead me to increase all my levels of effort in all endeavors. However my natural mindset of polymathy has lead me to not be able to focus my energy.

I have this mental problem, where I think being a polymath could mean two things:

First, that the best polymath is able to make time in the day for everything he/she wishes, and do it well. That is what they learned over their years is HOW to do that. They have the ability to juggle between thought processes and abilities.

Second, that a polymath is simply someone who changed their top skill over the course of their life multiple times. Perhaps every 10 years or so, and within those decades they mastered their respective skills. By the end of their life they have mastered more than three skills, whereas most people master 1-2.

I find the latter to be more likely, but the first one being more along the lines of what I naturally tend to try to do. Perhaps it is a combination of both. This shift in focus that polymathy creates for me, acts as a barrier to productivity, and therefore cultivating the perfect day for myself.

What is the Perfect Day?

Alternatively how could we define the best day? The perfect day is relatively quite subjective to the individual, and the process could look very different. This is partly why I took the productivity approach when writing this article, as I was thinking that the perfect day could have some similarities for many people.

What the perfect day I think constitutes as is the ability to balance every facet of life, as well as include the endeavors an individual wishes to attain.

Therefore having the most optimal sleep cycle (perhaps polyphasic), DNA calibrated nutrition plans, the 5 hour or 2 hour rule for Deep work, and some amalgam of play as well. Work cannot be separated too long from fun, or else you will get overwhelmed/overworked.

Making sure that the balance is fulfilled, and keeping track of how you spend your days. This is how you create your Perfect day. I hope this post gave you some insight on how you live your life, and perhaps gave you some ideas. I do feel that it may need a sequel at some point, let me know what you think in the comments!

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