Why the Future is in our Sights

TL:DR | Create Our Tomorrow | We are on the verge as a species of making a unchangeable mistake. I cannot say for certainty what that mistake will be, war, nuclear winter, or simply chaos. The fact of the matter is that we are projected to hit a downfall, and I for one cannot stand for this.

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Why the Future is in our Sights
“The Future is in ALL of Our Hands”

The Future of Society with the U.L.C.

I want to talk about how the United Living Construct is planned in the future.

The level of separation we have right now as a planet, not just society, but even technologically and ideologically. The absurd thing is that people are fighting over multi-thousand year old ideologies. It does not matter if someone believes in a different God, or gods. This will not affect our future, unless we allow it to. If we continue down this path then it will, we have politicians making authoritarian level decisions with religion as the culprit. This is not allowed, as the country (even world now), was founded on the separation of church and state.

This is causing biased decisions in an already malfunctioning government. Sadly this isn’t even our biggest problem, its terrifying to think that it is one of the smallest.

We have people all around the world who are STARVING to death, even in a country with high levels of obesity. The absurd ratio of food consumption, and waste is getting into insane proportions. The U.S. alone throws away 60 million tons of food every year.

We have people dying of basic diseases in third world countries because the companies selling low cost drugs do not feel that there is a market in that region, withholding the treatments because of money.

The future is full of wonders, and possibilities of innovation. The problem is we are not on the path for THAT future, we are on the path of a dystopian future. One that will be worse than George Orwell’s 1984, and it will be horrifying.

We need to start making a change in the world on every level, and that is why the U.L.C. created the Four Pillars Philosophy, so that you can change your life on the personal level. The World Unity portion of the U.L.C. is dedicated to combining the progress of your individual growth, with substantial changes in the world.

The world is a beautiful place if you know how to see it, but it is losing that beauty year after year due to our actions as a species. Let it be known when I say species I mean our race. The race of humanity, the race that is scientifically based. We are one race, just one, that is Homo-Sapiens. When people refer to race in the casual context, they mean the difference in skin, but the absurd thing is that it was constructed by slavers.

Race as the population uses it is false, it is a social construct created by racists. The problem is racist doesn’t scientifically work in this case, but as a society we created it to work. Ethnicity refers to where you are from in the world, and what culture you employ, and it really is the reason why someone has a different skin. Who cares about skin though? All it refers to is a different level of melanin in the skin. Oh your ancestors spent a bit more time in the sun, yeah that really makes someone different than me.

When you approach all of these conditions scientifically it becomes so absolutely ridiculous that it is staggering that it lasted this long.

We need to rebuild the world from the ground up, and with the technology we have now we can do that within a decade. That is a meager amount of time to completely change the world.


Let’s Take a Different Spin

Despite this wonderful quote we are driven towards the future, and the reason why is that everyone is different, yes, but in order for the world to have peace some people need to set aside their personal peace in order to prepare for the future. Those people are the ULCians (or even just polymaths) of the U.L.C. at least to some degree. We can be more at peace in our personal lives, but professionally we need focus on developing and innovating the future, and establishing a baseline for the world to follow.

This is rather disappointing to some as it may induce fear of the stressful life it may entail, but again look at the image above, if you are anxious then you are STUCK in the future. In your own life it is best to be more present in the current moment, living your life fully.

It is imperative that some people set aside some comfort, and focus on creating the future that the world wants to live in. We cannot sit idol and expect the greatest to happen, in fact if we just sit here more than likely the WORST will come to fruition. We need to act in order to have the future we want! (We as in the human race).

How to Create a Better Tomorrow

How do we go about making a change in the world, let alone our own environments, when the situations have escalated for so long? Well the truth is simple, try and start. Though as the great Yoda once said “There is no try, just do.”, and so that leaves you with just start. Go to your local office and see what issues are needing to be tackled, try inducing sustainability in your hometown, try leveraging your skills for others to create compassion and the pay it forward mentality.

Just simply find a way to make the lives of the people around you better, and aim for great heights, and most of all share your progress with the U.L.C. we can’t help if we don’t know what is going on!

What does Tomorrow Look Like, Feel Like, or Even Smell Like?

The Future is looking bleak.

Most of all with the rise of climate temperatures and changes the overall environment is going to change drastically, societies are collapsing and we are doing nothing about it, and all out war is totaling the future if we ever get to even see it.

This is not looking good, but here is what it COULD look like if we started to change our ways, and our minds! Imagine waking up from your gloriously soft bed, looking around in a windowed room overlooking a bright sunrise, illuminating the great city in front of you. With people already starting to scurry about doing their day to day activities, robotic transportation machines guiding people to their destinations, a cafeteria where sustainable food is harvested and freshly prepared for the whole district to consume at, and really the closeness of the city is the biggest thing. Despite it being maybe a few hundred thousand people living in it, there is a great level of inter-connectivity.

This future is currently unlikely

While still on this path, but it is the future we see, and the one we will stop at nothing to create peacefully!

We need to be highly innovative, creative, and collaborative to accomplish this feat. If we can all be working together at our highest creative states, then we can create a society fully conducive to the world’s needs. That is what the United Living Construct is for, the first and foremost reason. Bring people together, creating an environment for innovation. This can be a hub of change and innovation. We would be able to tackle the spread of disease, the world wide starvation, and the constant crying for power. That is what these “super” power countries are doing, crying for power. They do not want to change the world because they simply want to get more money, and territory.

The urge to expand territory is an age old primitive mindset. It gave us new reasons to innovate, but now that we have the possibility to be more advanced minded. We can solve problems, be innovative, all without the drive for conquering. I fear that this will be the biggest hurdle for world change, as it would mean some people would have to give up power, or at the very least change the way power works in the world.

This is not a bad thing, even for them, as it would make their lives much more happy, and they would not deal with the tremendous stress they are under now. The problem overall lies in execution not in what we need to do. People are simply not wanting to reach a bit out of their comfort zone.

This being said all of you reading this are on the right path, and will help the U.L.C. accomplish it’s goals. Our goals.

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