Why Should YOU Sign up for the Newsletter?

TL:DR | This post is made for people who are on the line of whether or not you want to sign up!

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Why Should YOU Sign up for the Newsletter?

You're here one of these reasons:

  1. You've met me in person, and like my energy and mindset.
  2. You're a generalist looking for more content for people like us.
  3. Perhaps you came across me randomly, and like the writings I create.

In any of those cases I think you should be subscribed to the newsletter for PolyInnovator. Currently the series is called "Level up to Polymath", which is in reference to the Multidisciplinary Spectrum I created for generalists/polymaths.

This is because I believe all of the terms we use to describe people of the multi-disciplinarian variety, all come together into a flow. As you level up your skills over your life, there is a term that fits who you are in that point more so.

My Stance on Spam

Look let's be honest you probably have tons of subscriptions, and if you're like me you had some from a variety of areas of interest. Eventually the multiple skills each had 100 subscriptions each, and then you ended up with a full inbox.

They weren't even spamming you, but you got so many emails from certain publications that you felt like they were. Pro tip: Use https://unroll.me/ to get your sub list far down!

When I started this Ghost CMS blog I actually didn't know how I wanted to handle the newsletter, as each tool is different. I really like substack's handling of it, but it didn't fit my theme for the brand. At least as the MAIN newsletter, I may still use it for a sub series. Point is that I ended up sending out the blog posts via email, as that feature was turned on, and I was thinking that it would send out a partial bit of the post. Then link to the full post on the site, but no it sent the FULL POST via email. 😬

Why am I telling you this?

Well I didn't have as many people subbed at that point thankfully, and the feedback was quite helpful for those were here at that time. I take feedback very seriously, and I also wanted to make the newsletter experience more impactful.

I could easily just list out reasons for you to sign up, but I wanted to tell you that I made a mistake before. Now that I have learned from it, that the email list is even better than before.

I hope you Sign Up!

The subscription on the OmniBlog is twofold:

  1. The free tier
  2. The PolyPRO tier

The former is made for people who want access to certain posts behind a member wall, for example I am fitness instructor, and I plan on making posts for free for subscribers. The PolyPRO is where it gets even more interesting as I create mega-posts on subjects I am passionate about.

You might think oh no well I don't want to sit there and read a long post, I encourage you to do it cause they're really good, but I also have enabled BeyondWords audio players. They allow you to LISTEN to the post if you so choose. Other benefits would be early access to new things like Notion Templates or eventually unique Discord roles, etc.

Honestly, even if you just sign up for the free tier I would be happy, but I wanted to make a paid plan for those who want to support me and what I do. ✊

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