Who made my Jingle?

TL:DR | A fantastic retro game music creator and producer named Lemonectric. He generously created a jingle for my PolyCast, that I then use for other content as well!

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Here is a video relation to this post, as well as the PolyCast!

Today I wanted to shout out the person who made my deliciously sounding jingle for the PolyCast and TeleInnovator. Thank you Lemonectric for helping me out with this!

What is the run down of this great music creator, and what did I have to do to get him to make me a jingle?


Well truth is he is my flatmate, and I simply asked him a few times to make me one. Luckily he was feeling in a good mood, and he came up with something I think really fantastic. Here it is so you can hear:

I was eager to have something motivating, perhaps a bit of horns, and overall just a positive vibe. My original intention came about from Gary Vee's audio logo concept, where he has an identifying sound that people recognize him by, which is his "swoosh check mark" sound. That is the best way to describe it!

Hello I am Dustin Miller PolyInnovator, my mission is to innovate many fields over the course of my life, and my ambition is to help other multidisciplinary people level up their life in the process. If you are watching on TeleInnovator, or listening in on the PolyCast, then you have come to the right place for success!

Why it is important to have a unique Sound

Think like a catchphrase or an intro theme song to your favorite show. Having some sort of identifying markers tells the brain what you are watching right away. Our brains look for patterns, and by having a pattern that is repeated then the people watching can start to get used to me.

Everything I do is for the benefit of others, and for humanity as a whole. I create all of my posts for some reason or another, and that reason is meant to help someone in some way. This post for example is so that I can send more people Lemonectric's way, as they are a fantastic artist.

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How I DO and INTEND to Use it

Now it has been quite some time since I originally made the ideas for all of these early OmniContent sprints. So the idea of this post was pretty early on, as I am quite grateful, and the intention behind these posts.

I took a page from Chopcast where you want to make episodic content, and that is what I intended from my OmniContent. I wanted to make a series that could last a long time, and build out mini-series along the way. During that time I wanted each episode to be unique of course, but also be bridged by the fact that they were OmniContent.

Making a video intro is great, videobolt.net, but I often disliked the audio that came with the clip. They also were different for every clip, and I thought you know what I'll just make my own audio. Granted I still don't have that capability, despite owning a midi keyboard, and so I asked Lemonectric to do it.

In each episode I intend on putting in the audio logo, preferably the shorter version. Wait I didn't tell you about those? Oh yeah, after I got the long form 20+ seconds from Lemon I decided to play around with it. I ask him to make a couple shorter versions if he could, and one of those shorter ones I reversed.

That reversed one is something I use often in the PolyCast.

They all have that same signature in the audio sound, and so regardless of which one I use for content the feeling still gets conveyed.

The reverse one although while different sounding, still has that techie vibe to it.

Note: If you want to hear them all, then check out the video or polycast portion to this OmniContent above!

As I mentioned before having something that is identifiable quite like a visual logo, but registers to people when say they listen to your podcast or watch your channel.

Whether it is the reverse one, the full length perhaps at the end of a content piece, or a simple few second sound bite. They all come together to form the audio experience of PolyInnovator.

Eventually I'll be making my own music, and my own audio logo maybe for that matter for a new age down the line.

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A Citrussy Jingle

From the dawn of PolyInnovator to the eventual end I will have my audio jingle now thanks to Lemon. The point of having one like I said is to be quickly remembered. Beyond just the jingle Lemon makes video game music, weekly idea clips, and a lot more.

They are even working on a new album!

Go check out Lemonectric below!

I like to tell stories with post-chiptune music. I’m currently working on albums set on different planets in the Juicy Way, a galaxy full of fruit.

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