Who Am I?

TL:DR | Why Am I here? This is an entry on who is Dustin, and why do I exist?

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Who Am I?
Dustin M. -PolyInnovator-

Why Am I here?


This is what drives me, and literally is the fundamental force behind every action. If I make a mistake it was me misunderstanding the situation, from not paying enough attention. However if I do something of value to people, it is because I am paying so much attention I see something others do not.

My passion is to create the United Living Construct, which in my view is a “Hub of Innovation”. I have always had an innovative mind, and it allows me to create new ideas from practically nothing. More over my specialty is seeing the connection between two opposing forces, perhaps even when they are on the same side, but they do not know it. I find it amazing to bridge something that was once thought impossible.

Edit: Originally this post was written back in 2017, a time where I could feel the motivation on a daily basis. Quite like this year (2021), and even though the passion as altered to be more of the PolyInnovator ethos. They are essentially the same in my view.

This is the thought process in my head, and it is something that is not only hard to explain in literal terms, but hard for me to open up to even do it. I don’t share my passion much, and I decided that in order to be successful I will have to!

This is why the premise behind the U.L.C. is to combine Philosophy (Or simply ideology in general), with Technology (Innovation itself manifested in physical form).


My mother wasn’t always the best, but she instilled in me some of the greatest habits and mindset that any parent could. Not only that she truly cared for me, and that showed. It resonated deeply within me, and now when I am with other people I see inside them. Their resonance, fundamental nature, and their being itself. This isn’t some spiritual idea, in fact I take note of their body language and micro-expressions, which have been heavily proven to be effective indicators.

Taking all of this in I encompass who they are within me, and it allows for a deep level of compassion and empathy. Sometimes it is hard because some people don’t understand, or even comprehend at all what I am saying. Let alone going through, and since I care so much about people it leads me to have a strong personality.

The people who resonate with me understand and love me for it, whereas others don’t see eye to eye with me, and their anger saddens me. Not only am I the cause of it in some sort of way or another, but I only wanted to decrease their strife.


I envision a future so beautiful, unified, and most of all peaceful. If I let myself it could bring me to tears it is so powerful. Not only that it is so ingrained into who I am, that I am not sure which came first the vision or me.

I dream of a world where it isn’t perfect yet, but the people encompassing it are open-minded enough and unified enough that they can properly tackle any obstacle. Right now we are so stuck up our own backsides that we don’t even see what is right in front of us, let alone go and solve the situation!

How Do I Live and Work?


Striving to be the best I can, and that is so hard as many of you know. The process of Self-Development is never ending. Many people lose hope because of that, and there are some low days of course. Overall my ethic supersedes them, and I get the job done. I remember one day it was after Leg Day, which many people are justly horrified by, and I had to walk across this vast field on a chilly and windy day. I was practically crawling across with such a burn in my legs than every step took twice as long as it should. The wind literally pushing me back, and all I could think of was that I had to get to where I was going, the destination was more important than the pain I was feeling. The journey was important, but my resolve was more so.

I of course made it across, but everything in that last paragraph was going through my head, and the resolve came through. Thanks to the help of a motivating song too! haha

Muse — Survival


My philosophy is #Balance. Pure and simple.

The Balance of your emotions. The Balance of your mindset. The Balance of your life itself.

I’m surprised that it took me this long to mention it, but the philosophy I created to lead my life and Self-Dev is the: Four Pillars Philosophy.

Orientating around the key Four Major Aspects of Life, that I felt were most prudent. They are: Body/Mind/Spirit/Emotions.

Many people replace Emotions with some other sort of topic such as Social or Legacy, but I feel those come secondary. Yes they are important, but are not nearly as prevalent in your life.

I have always been an Emotional person, and my EQ has been tested at above average. I hate saying that to people cause their first thought is that of me boasting. I don’t need to boast about it, my actions are what separate me from others, both for good and bad. Since I think at such a high level (To be honest my IQ is high as well.) it really is hard to relate to another person. Despite my effort to do so, and the aim I have for people is something made from compassion for others.


I aim my legacy to be that of an Autodidactic-Polymath, a person who lead the world into a new age with the creation of the United Living Construct, someone who pursued wisdom and knowledge greater than even Leonardo Da Vinci.

That is how I look at my life, and how I want others to look back upon it after I am dead. This is my oath to uphold this legacy, hell maybe even surpass it!

What Makes Me Who I Am?


I have had a much harder life than most realize, and I strive to not dwell on the past, in fact I have always been a future oriented person. My mindset is always thinking of how things will come out. #SystematicThinker

I take influence from many different philosophies from throughout my life, but the two that somehow resonate with me the most are Taoism and Buddhism. The two that most about detachment from not only material things, but concepts as well. In particular the past and future; You can’t move forward if you are stuck in the past, and you can look to the future if you are not prepared. Both of these however take you out of the present moment, which is all that you have guaranteed. Even that however can go away at any moment.

My Actions:

As much as I fight the thought, I am young. I have a lot of my life ahead of me. I have learned a lot from my life, and it has lead me to be a good person, but I can be great. My actions should, and have been, to be towards bettering myself. This is my goal overall right? So every step I take, as long as I am moving is going to be towards that, and if I make a mistake I take a deep breath and move on.

I am Who I am, and I am Who I will Be:

I can’t sit here share all of this philosophy, and be so close-minded that I don’t realize that I will change. This is going to be a journey, my life, your life, its all a path that we are on. They may be different, they may be the same, it doesn’t matter because we are simply on it.

We can choose to change it, and perhaps we will.

Here is to the path walkers all over, and the life we all have. Here is to it changing for better or worse. Most of all here is for the fact that we can even experience it at all!


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