24 - What my Upcoming How to Swim Book is About

TL:DR | I mentioned before how I am writing a book on swimming. It is basically a distilled version of this newsletter, and moreover the lessons I teach in person to people.

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24 - What my Upcoming How to Swim Book is About

Learning to swim through physics and philosophy??

After teaching for a decade people of all ages to swim, there are a lot of lessons to be shared. Unique ways of learning various swimming topics, and a one of a kind perspective I’d like to share with you.

Hence why I create these weekly swimming newsletters too, and why it all leads up to the book.

Why + Philosophy:

Some folks when they get in the pool, they may have a notion of how to move their body (seen it on tv or something), or maybe they have the right mindset (as in not scared for example). However they lack the reasoning behind why we move in such a way. Why the form should be executed in this way, and at this interval.

Often leading to a greater philosophical understanding, and imparting of the wisdom.

How + Physics:

Other people may not be scared of the pool/body of water, but they don’t know what to do with their body. Perhaps they are just not aware of how the movements are supposed to be. It is a simple matter of an information dump to someone. Explained in a quick and easy form.

Sometimes the learner, like yourself, may already know a lot; However you need to learn the more advanced movements.

What + Psychology:

Your mind has a profound impact on your actions. Whether you think you can do something, or think that you can’t…. you’re right. I often tell my students “No saying I can’t”, and I fully mean it. This is because in reality any of the skills I am showing you how to do, that you can more than likely do really well.

Some things like a fused spine or maybe old injury might get in the way. However there are ALWAYS alternatives, and as an instructor I’m always trying to get you forward.

My goal as a teacher is to get you that 1% progression, at least, every time. If that means thinking in a new way, then so be it!

The Three P’s

Well that is great and all Mr. Dustin, but all three of the above sections didn’t say what was in the book! Well didn’t they? The book is called “How to Swim: The Hydrodyanmics and Philosophy of Swimming”, which incorporates the Why/How/What mentality. Using the lens of philosophy, the logic of physics, and the empathy of psychology. If you put it all together, that is what you get out of the book.

I am making it so that people can learn the ways of swimming before they even get into the pool. Then once you are actually in the water can come deliberate practice.

I can’t make any statements about how well it will teach you, as that is different for everyone. Out of the thousand or so people I’ve taught I’m sure there are a dozen who didn’t like my style. Maybe more! However for the 95% of the rest of them, they all gained an invaluable skill. This book, these newsletters, and more; They are my way of reaching an even greater number of people.

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