What is the U.L.C.?

TL:DR | The U.L.C. is a Platform to Change the World. Here is why we must start from the individual, then grow into the global community we are meant to be.

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What is the U.L.C.?

Edit: Originally on the United Living Construct site blog, now merged with PolyInnovator. The concepts talked about in this post have now gone into the PolyInnovator Community Construct.


We are the formulation of unique ideologies combined together with the purpose of changing the world.

Other factors definitely influence the dynamic of this platform, but for the utmost direction it mainly comes from philosophy. One other major component is the in depth understanding of how current, or even future, technology works or is developed. Combining these two systems creates an unprecedented synergy, for no organization has managed to do this in the past.

On top of that there is an underlying need for leadership in the sociological technology space, meaning a social leader in many forms. A polymathic approach yes, but one of universal respect of people.

Constantly in the news, even all over the world, there is stories about racism becoming more rampant. Why? We are all the same race of people on a small blue orb spiraling through space. When you look at videos of the Earth traveling around the sun it generally looks like a flat plane, but the actual truth is that the solar system is traveling through space as a whole. When you see this you see the inner beauty of how insignificant of the world is on the cosmic scale.

Really puts things into perspective how big our problems seem to be, but in reality they are just blips in our cosmic existence.

The whole dynamic of our existence is fragile enough, and the sheer level of audacity it takes to even exist is tremendous, yet we are still squabbling over things like skin, taxes, and immigration. These things on the long term scale do not matter, and when it comes to skin that shouldn’t matter at all. Just because this mattered to the people of the past does not mean that in a modern sense we should be isolating ourselves more. In fact unification is the key to our survival as a species, there is hardly any chance that we can move on as a planet if we do not start working together on a strong united front.

This is why the United Living Construct was created, and so it can be a platform of unity and innovation. Living together in a construct meant for unity and collaboration. That is the origin of the U.L.C.’s name, and it’s purpose. Please be a part of this endeavor, and share it with the world.


What Needs to Change in the World

The world is a vast and expansive place, at least to our scale in the mind. We are essentially like ants in the normal scale of the universe, and most people try not to think about this because it is scary. However we need to do so, as it really opens up the mind to the possibilities that we will not last for much longer. Climate change is one issue, but what it leads to is the bigger concern. We are having hurricanes, tsunamis, and perhaps even the Yellowstone super volcano eruption. Those are simply natural disasters that in the past only happened scarcely, now we are more than ever likely to have them frequently. In the past year alone we had at least four major hurricanes in the U.S. and the gulf alone. This is insane to think that it is just some issue we can avoid thinking about, even we are only one contributor to it, we can still limit the impact we are causing.

The actions we take to avoid contributing to climate change, they are great for our planet’s economy and growth as well. Using more advanced transportation methods like magnetic monorails, modular bus systems, decreasing sprawling cities so that we can walk instead, all greatly take away issues many people face. Not every can afford a vehicle, nor should we even want to they are not as versatile as many people seem to think. Not to mention the level of interaction we have with them are so limited to going to work and back, they are sitting in a parking lot all day, this is what ride sharing is a concept we really need to look into.

Another issue that is plaguing the world is starvation, why? The U.S. alone wastes 40% of it’s daily food, just simply throws it away. On top of that we eat way too much meat on a large scale. We do not need meat for every meal, in fact it would benefit our diets and wallets to simply do it 2–3 times a week. This is not even getting into the issue of factory farming, where millions of animals are being viciously slaughtered.

The single greatest contributor to global warming is the factories that produce meat.

These are all situations that can be easily avoided, and simply changing your personal lifestyle can make a drastic difference. Many people have the notion that what is there life going to matter in the long run, well a lot, and if everyone can make even a small change it will greatly impact the overall scheme of things.

Exposing and illuminating things like this is one of the goals of the U.L.C., and more prudently giving people a path they can take to avoid having issues like this pop up in the future. Establishing a new baseline for people to be able to follow, giving them a more productive, and safer life.


Self-Development Through the Four Pillars Philosophy

The depth of life comes from what you make of it, and the level of meaning you possess doesn’t come from some outside source. It comes from within, the level of meaning you can have, comes from what you make of yourself. What you create, and what you embody as a person. This is the fundamental idea of Self-Development, the process of creating a new life for yourself.

The deep connection we can have with each other only comes from understanding one another. How can we even attempt to understand each other, if we do not first understand ourselves? Most people choose to ignore their emotions, than learn from them, and understand why they occur in the first place. Our bodies are degrading by becoming weaker and bigger, but we do not push to keep them strong. Eating right, exercising, and maintaining order within ourselves. Our minds suffer because we cannot fathom the possibility that we are not as intelligent as we could be. Our spirituality is so gone at this point that we become robotic, and the people who have some sort of connection in this manner seem like they are pushing down other people. The problem is separating the problematic ideologies, with the systematic solutions.

Investing in yourself is the greatest decision you can make, and never giving in is the only choice that you can take.

How we go about doing any of this is often over the head of any average person, and that isn’t their fault. We live in a society where only the most successful truly realize the importance of Self-Improvement, and the people who are not yet successful who see that they can be are in a position where it is difficult to rise up. This is the underlying meaning of “Black Lives Matter”, all it is people wanting their lives to be better. All in all the truest form of unity in the world can only come when the people that are uniting are first created from the increased level of discipline that only development can imbue. This is for anyone in world who dreams of living a better life, one that is filled with happiness and prosperity.

The “Four Pillars Philosophy” is a simple method of explaining the fundamental aspects of life, all in a way that can be naturally applied to the lives of people all over. It goes over: The Mind, The Body, The Spirit, and The Emotions. They are encompassing the biggest parts of our daily lives, and the level of interconnection between them.

The daily challenges people face can be seen as trials for improvement in their life, and if we can change our mindsets to be more of a productive value in the face of adversity our level of greatness as a whole will improve.

#MAKEACHANGE and Self-Development Podcasts


The purpose of this blog is to talk about change in all forms, from the personal to the world. The U.L.C. Polycast however focuses on the duality dynamic of both. Alternating back and forth on the Self-Development side, and change in the world.

The point here to make is that change can happen anytime, and in fact our entire lives are just one change after another. However the difference between you and a change-maker is the level of deliberate change imbued in life.

Aim to be a person who goes out of their way to change the lives of everyone around you for the better!

What is the Purpose of Us?

Not just me or you, but that of the whole world. What is our purpose here on this planet if not to thrive? Constantly we bicker with each other over trivial matters such as celebrities or sports, but those two factors are only there in order to distract us from the existential terrors of existence. We are creatures of fear and squander, however we do not have to be which may be a shock to some. The level of potential we possess as a species is far greater than anything that came before us, and even if you think there was some civilization on our planet before us that was highly advanced “Precursor” or “Sumerian”, it doesn’t matter because we are all we have now. The U.L.C. doesn’t want to do anything more than learn from the past, if we do then we will be stuck in it. Despite this we cannot be too future oriented or else we will be bound to repeat the same mistakes as the past. This is duality dynamic is more of an example of the “Philosophy and Technology” motif we employ as a platform here. With philosophy meaning past, and technology meaning future respectively, and in the middle the U.L.C. With Self-Development in the present.


The present is the only thing standing in the way of our future, not just as a species, but within ourselves.

Join the Construct, and #MAKEACHANGE poly.tribe.so

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