What is PolyPro?

TL:DR | Here are the current plans for making your contributions to PolyInnovator more worth it for you! What is in it for YOU?

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What is PolyPro?

You are immeasurably important to the PolyInnovator journey!

I created this idea of a PolyPro back in the beginning days of my website, and I didn’t quite know how I wanted to go about it. For one, what was I going to offer that people would really appreciate, and for two what are the best tools to offer those things? Now I’ve spent years testing out tools, plugins, and I’m still not sure on the second part. However I am sure on the content!I’ve been making content from way back in 2011, to now, and I’ve only gotten better at creating things that surprise/excite/entertain/educate people like yourself.

The PolyInnovator Pro membership is geared towards making your experience even better.

If you are wanting to join or learn more check out the page:


All in all the level of support you give me and the company is truly appreciated. Even if it is a one off $1 or $10 a month, you are aiming to help ignite the brand even further. More over you are helping ME achieve the dreams that I have had since I was a child.

I hope that YOU can benefit from the exclusive content, and the deeper level of interactivity you get with me from it.

I even created a Discord channel, that when you join via Patreon, you get a special role in the chat.


Why does PolyPro Exist?

This idea grew from Patreon, and I got really deep into researching how to grow a great patronage page. I still might one day, for my brand’s vision statement even says “Take everything with the polymathic approach”. Meaning I may end up still giving an omnichannel PolyPro experience.

Since I make a plethora of types of content, then there is reason to believe that I could then charge for a small chunk of that output. I still want to make a lot of things for free, and give value that way. Simply the fans who want more, or want to support my work, or simply are shopaholics, then they can have a way to do that.

With Ghost CMS I will have memberships where you can get exclusive content on that platform. Perhaps with Uhmi.io or Patreon there will be added benefits, but for now I’ll simply make Pro only posts for that demographic. The rest of the posts like the OmniContent or Codex will be free.

Additionally, with the use of specialproject.io, I will then make a streaming platform for my videos. No word yet on if they can be connected or if they would have to stay separate packages.

How can YOU Get Involved?

Simply by sticking around, there will be a lot of changes in the near future. However I am hoping this will consolidate things, and make it simpler for you as the viewer. The topics I cover are already confusing enough for the most part, so the methods of getting to that content shouldn’t be confusing too!

With the Special video platform I will more than likely put some of my first courses on there. Such as the long awaited return of the Self-Education Mini Course!

Along with many series from OmniContent, as well as of course unique series specifically made.

As for written I will need input on what posts you like so far, from the random OmniBlog posts, to the daily Codex entries, to the OmniContent; There are a lot of variety to my works, and so if one fits for you then let me know!

What’s Next?

Sign up for the newsletter on here, as I do have an email marketing tool that I prefer. However I still need to set it up properly to get any campaigns going, so for now substack is a great way to stay informed about the move. Since I blog daily I try not to send emails out more than 1-2 times a week. This post is something different, as well as the posts letting you know things are moving!

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