What if the World was ONE Country

TL:DR | What if the world was one country? How would it work, and how could we positively achieve it?

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What if the World was ONE Country

Greetings people of the United Living Construct! You are here for the intriguing idea that despite different ideas conflicting we have the potential to be one country on this planet. This is actually one of the “hidden” goals of the U.L.C. we want to unite the world, but to what end? Well in this case it is to Unite the World into One Country. More prudently, or accurately, One World.

We have all these little mini worlds scattered about, and we think that our cultures will be abolished if we evolve into a more unified society. The thing is our society has already been abolished thousands of times already, it changes constantly, and what we are holding onto is the IDEA of our culture, not what it actually is now.

Think about it when a new fad hits the scene everything changes, then that becomes the norm, then the process repeats. After a fad or two our society can be completely different. This is not a bad thing, and it is what keeps us innovating. The thing is our mindset on the issue, we hold onto attachments, both physically and mentally. This needs to end so that we can evolve to our next stage.

This is what the U.L.C. hopes to achieve, to aid humanity onto the next era of our race. We have a lot of potential, but we are going at a staggeringly slow rate, for no reason. We are holding ourselves back, and that is not acceptable.

World Unity

We have the power to change the world’s dynamic greatly, we as in ULCians, not the world. The world is too close-minded at this point in time to do anything about it. You all have the potential to create a new wave of innovation through the strength you will create from Self-Development, and the Unity brought forth by being on the U.L.C.

This all comes together so nicely, it is just a matter of just doing it, creating change.

It cannot be said enough that your ability to foster change, must first come from within! To create “United Change” we need to change ourselves for the better first, then Unite into a cohesive unit! Here is our U.L.C. Productions Podcast all about #makeachangeunification

Lastly let us talk about the functionality of having one country of a planet. There are a vast amount of factors involved in such an endeavor. Though it should be said that the YouTube video above did an amazing job describing some problems we would face, and gave even some solutions as well.

The problem is that people do not want change, right now at least. There is a strong hesitation because people all over become complacent when the typical norm is starting to set. This has been setting for a while now, and with the rise of the internet it is only just starting to be disrupted. You think Netflix, Block-chain, Smartphones, and the Internet of Things are disruptive?

We are only in the beginning, the Infancy, of the internet.

We have much more to go through, and right now it is going to be tough because most of the world is not on the internet.

It is not a matter of if all of the people currently not online coming on, it is a matter of when. Let’s repeat that: It is not a matter of IF, it is a matter of WHEN.

We have only a small portion of the world’s population on the internet, everything single thing you see on here was made from that small portion. You and me, and that guy posting cat videos. Imagine the intense influx that will arrive when everybody gets on! This actually seemed frightening at first, but the more you think about it the better it will be. Yes it WILL get harder to make yourself stand out, but much more rewarding. Better get started on that personal brand, Self-Development, and Social Media Marketing Strategy now huh!?

A Massive Shift

If all of this is starting to seem audacious that is alright, you can feel free to reach out and ask questions, and overall it is about first understanding that there is a massive change happening. This shift cannot be ignored, so please start preparing yourself!

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