What Changes the World

TL:DR | Push what it takes to take the action of changing the world, into an action that YOU can accomplish.

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What Changes the World

The actions taken one by one, by one person, in one city, and in one world. Each form the basis for the next, and accumulate to all events that have/will transpire(d).

Take one today to read this post, and gain some insight in your own actions.

The Necessary Grit it Takes:

You have to have an immense level of ambition and an absurd amount of dedication in order to withstand the trials and tribulations in this endeavor. The goal is strong, and the outcome completely worth the trouble, although many people still quit despite some getting extremely close to their goals.

I implore you to not be one of those people who quit. It doesn’t matter if you are one inch away from your goal, or one mile. Keep going.

What Constitutes Change:

Change is just the process we are going through right now. The difference between what we naturally experience, and what we create is the level of intensity. Unless some asteroid hits the Earth then no natural change is that of a very high level. This gives us the power to create something magnificent.

Change is created by a person who has a plan for the future, and people rally behind him/her/it to see that future come into fruition.

How to Create Massive Change:

Massive change are the events that literally change the world. i.e. steam engine, internet, smartphones, united living construct.

They are the constructs of innovation that defy the common norm of the time, but lead the world into a new norm. This leads to more innovation, motivation, and dedication from all new people! Think of the space race, every single person was working together in order to get it done, and the rise of technology was boosted greatly. If we had that level of dedication right now with the internet, it would be an astounding feat that we would accomplish!

To create massive change you need to ignite a group of people, all into creating something that changes the world forever~!

Forsaken Beliefs that Hinder the World:

Let it be known that people are free to have their own beliefs, and if you disagree that is your right, and perhaps will spark a wondrous conversation or debate!

Religion is bad for the world.

Phew I can feel the steam boiling already, but it is true the religious beliefs of those in charge have been hindering our growth as a species for a very long time. A perfect example is the Dark Ages, where literally the only people who could learn the knowledge necessary of progressing humanity forward were the church, and they fought with every tooth and nail to keep things stagnant.

This isn’t just related to the time religious groups purposefully halted progress, but even in common every day situations people will knock down ideas because it may only slightly counter their belief. Such as the fact that global warming is changing our world. Perhaps not directly melting the ice caps, but it could very well be. The point being that the religious zealot fights the scientists from making a change for the better.

This is not a harp on other, simply to point out that with massive change, it needs to come from the compassion of others, and the drive for innovation FIRST, not any preconceived belief system.

Massive change is possible, and only we can do it if we strive to create something that is of a higher standard than anything before. This isn’t as hard as you may think, with the internet many of the challenges once faced by people are gone. Though new ones will surely rise, we CAN face them together!

Note: This post is purely food for thought, and don't let it offend you. Just explore the thought dynamics of what I am saying, and see if it seems true to you too.

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