We Are One in the Hustle

TL:DR | The universal mindset of human beings is that of survival. Simple as that, but what is not simple is what we have become outside of that inner drive to live.

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We Are One in the Hustle

We have cultivated a society that has allowed most to thrive, and some to prosper beyond imagination. Perhaps that is not the best thing to have others prosper more because it causes some to be in the “1%”.

However lets look at it as the fact that we live in a world where that is possible, and the #1 thing it takes to get there is grit. Hustle and grind are other adjectives that come to mind as well. As long as you work hard enough you can get there.

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Putting Together a Path

Each person is there own, and how they should choose to tread is their own. However I think it is prudent that we understand that as a society we have an obligation to not only ourselves, but to one another to help. As a collective we have progressed farther than anyone else (I mean this globally, vs our past). Not just because the flow of time, but because we are now monumentally more connected than before. Allowing for entirely new instances to happen. We cannot even predict what the internet will create next, and with Africa on the rise it may just get even more complicated.

Your path as an individual will be something that can be whatever you want it to be, but the backlash from the previous generation (just as the generation before) wants the social norm to stay the same. However it literally just can’t, for we live in a new world. Its not just because millennial's are entitled (Mind you I am one), but the internet is truly one of the greatest inventions of human history.

Your path should be built based on that thought. It used to be that coders were prime for a job no matter if you were self taught or not, and even right now you COULD get a job. Though degrees are starting to become the norm even in that field. Luckily due to the ever evolving nature of coding and languages there is still some freedom there. The point being is that the regulatory aspect of our society is starting to succumb the field.

What IS Hustle?

In a simple way it is a term to describe a growth mindset and overall hunger for success. However I think it goes deeper than that, as the philosophy echoes throughout the entrepreneurial world and beyond. The world of hustle is entrenched in the heart of capitalism, and in turn the world itself. This means that people who haven’t even heard of it still practice the idea. The work really hard until you get there, idea.

Now I think the more important question to answer, is what does Hustle mean to you?

My life goal is to create a platform for change and innovation. I know that hustle in my life is going to mean something along the lines of getting that goal accomplished.

However for others it could be different, deeper perhaps, and even undisclosed to even themselves. Please take a moment and ponder this philosophy!


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