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TL:DR | U.L.C. Productions and the prospect of a new series. Although the endeavor is no more at this time, the ideas and series can live on with PolyInnovator

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U.L.C. Productions


Note: Right off the back I want to say that this is something I hoped for, but at the time decided to build out PolyInnovator instead. Perhaps now that the PolyInnovator Construct is in beta, and growing out. Now the ideas for the U.L.C. will fit into that.

This is an announcement of a new series on the YouTube channel!

“World Changing Videos” series on the U.L.C., is a dynamic video as it gives way for unique ideas to get conveyed to all of you. The videos are philosophical, technological, and physiological. (Plus many more!)

It is my pleasure to announce that the WCV will evolve into our Youtube Channel!

It is the way of the world right now, video is the best platform to communicate with an audience, and we want to take every avenue of communication. We already have a line up of video ideas that will change the world. Do not worry though as if there is a particular video out there that needs to be shared or made, then reach out to the U.L.C.!

You all have the greatest potential that this world has ever seen, and with that in mind it is our intentions to bring that potential to the forefront of your life. Helping you realize all of the great things you can accomplish.

The Original Idea

We create our content, and in particular videos, with this in mind. We attempt to reach out into that potential, and bring it to the surface, watch it grow, and then release it to the rest of the world.

Think about that for a moment, bringing someone up to their greatest state, then releasing them to do great things. If can do that just once we may create the next Bill Gates, or the next Leonardo Da Vinci. More over think about what that would mean if we were able to do that at scale. To bring out the potential of an entire population, the express that inner creativity, that inner drive for change, and that perfected drive for success!


How it May Come Now

(Now switching to first person) Since at the time I was eager to get the YT channel for the U.L.C. to grow I created this post. I could have simply deleted it upon moving blogs over, but I thought I should keep it for the sake of continuity. Now you know where my headspace was at 3-4 years ago.

The ideas that I had for the channel still exist, and some got reformed into PolyInnovator content. Either already, or on the content plan for OmniContent down the line.

I sort of did what I did with the PolyCast, and moved all U.L.C. stuff into the fold.

The idea of the World Changing Videos however is something I think I'll need to keep. Since I wasn't creating at the time, I simply made a mini-series that would take really interesting videos of that nature, and then write about them. I think I would do that again now.

That is partly why I kept this post, so that you could see where that series originated.

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