Too Many Bites in Life

TL:DR | How does one take a bite out of life? What are the "meals" that encompass your journey, and how do you know which one to pick?

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Too Many Bites in Life

I think my problem is that I take too many bites!! As my title of my blog suggests I consider myself a polymath by nature. I dip my hands into every cookie jar I can find. Sometimes I eat the whole jar, other times I move on.

Over my relatively short life I have experience a lot, and really sometimes it was tough. However that shaped me into who I am today, some old western philosophy talks about how the pillar of suffering leads to great wisdom. I hope that is what cultivated me in the way it has because I have a gratitude towards life and people.

I created what I call the United Living Construct as the ultimate giving back tool so to speak. I wanted to create a method of instilling a change in the world, and I think that if I continue down this path it will happen. I would love for you to be a part of it, as simply just talking with you could create a new mindset in me. Hopefully in you as well. I think our energies would mesh so greatly together!

Bites of Action

Every day something is thrown at you, whether that is the trials of life, or simply just getting everything you set out to do, done.

Some people are more specialists, and they are able to funnel their bites into an orderly line. Take this action, then this one, and then the next. It is a factory mindset, and one that is useful; However leaves much to be desired.

A polymathic brain is different. Instead of having an assembly line of bites, it is like you are taking bites from multiple meals at a time.

A combination of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This causes the focus on what you should chew on next to be an important decision. Over time you will chip at the meals enough that it doesn't matter which one you started on, as they'll all have been eaten enough. However until you get to that point you need to spend more energy on choosing which to bite.

Rotation or Quick Succession?

I've had this debate with people, and brought it up on many podcast shows. About the idea of becoming a polymath, what does that journey look like?
Did they focus on one thing really well, then move onto the next? Sure, they may have done that.

Although I don't think the likes of someone like Leonardo Da Vinci did that, as he is known to be one of the best polymaths out there. Yet he spent his time completely sporadically, and it worked for him. He was able to learn science, art, physics, and much more. I am sure he also did focus, such as when he was learning to paint. I guess it depends on how much you enjoy something too.

To the point here though, do you rotate between the meals, and take a bite out of each? Over time progressing through it.


Do you consume all the bites of one meal, then move onto the next?

IMO I would say there is a matter of how much you enjoy that particular meal. As I mentioned before, enjoyment is a key factor, and can lead to how much focus you allow yourself to have on that particular progression.

A Combination

Honestly this is getting into semantics, and what matters is that you make progress, but it is an interesting thought experiment. How does one progress in multiple areas?

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