To Innovate the World or Becoming an Old Wise Man

TL:DR | Philosophy Vs. Futurism Ever since I was a child I loved two things: technology and philosophy. Who knows maybe I’ll find a way to do both, and I’ll end up being the old wise man in a skyscraper.

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To Innovate the World or Becoming an Old Wise Man

Philosophy Vs. Technology

This is the constant struggle I face in my life. Yes it is far from the worst thing in the world, but for me as a person IT IS MY WORLD.

Ever since I was a child I loved two things: technology and philosophy.

As a junior in high school I remember voraciously reading through the entire philosophy/world religion section of the library in a short time.

Who knows maybe I’ll find a way to do both, and I’ll end up being the old wise man in a skyscraper.


Originally this section mentioned how I wrote this on the Fireside Blog, which is now the Fireside Codex. I bring this up because originally it was hard for me to open up more, and share this level of intimacy of my life. However that is what the codex is for, and so I would like to share with you dear reader.

I have this constant struggle between being a techie, and wanting the newest iteration of tech. From phones and gadgets, to computer components. I’ve built multiple computers over the years (at first with help from my uncle), and they all had to be top of the line in my view. I’m not sure why, as I remember sitting without a computer simply because I was too power hungry for a battle station.

On the other side of the coin I’ve felt this urge for ultimate minimalism. I hate how material things can have possession over you. They really do! Even food can sit there tempting you to fill up your pantry.

Over the years I’ve reconciled this by getting rid of most of my belongings. EXCEPT for my tech, but even then I grew less attached to the lesser items.

This dynamic really gives me a tidal wave of disruption in my mental space, as I have to constantly fight between two ideologies. The cognitive dissonance is akin to a canyon.


I strive to abridge these two areas together in unification of goals. Such as using wisdom to advance the technology needs of the world, and perhaps that could lead to new innovations.

This interesting predicament has been relatively unprecedented until modern times. Yes of course there has always been innovations running amuck, but not on the level of technology we have now.

I realize there are others like me, one example could be Thomas Frank, but I have yet to have a conversation with him about it.

For now I am alone in this journey so to speak, there are no wise people of old who can really have a philosophical solution to what I am going through. Unlike areas of the heart, spirituality, etc.

One person who I feel a kinship with is actually Elon Musk, who pretty much does everything he does in business for humanity. My goal in the technology life is to create the physical structure of the United Living Construct. A platform of change, currently idealized as a seastead, to be a hub of innovation. This utopian idea is something that many people is not possible, and perhaps it won’t come to pass in the light I see it. However as long as I make an impact on someone’s life then I am successful.

This #MAKEACHANGE ideal comes from the pay it forward principle. When you pass it along to someone, you ask them to do the same, and so forth.

If we could do that on the larger scale, with countries, and create a global unity of sorts because of it then that would be tremendous progress. I believe having a hub like the U.L.C. is the key to making that happen.

The Other Path

On the other hand my personal ideal life may entail living in the mountains with a tiny home (presumably high tech), and waiting for some traveler seeking wisdom to come to my door step. I can envision myself growing old in the Mediterranean, perhaps that would be the location of the mountain!

Living peacefully in my own space, learning, and becoming the best version of myself I can eventually become. That is the will of man (any person), self-improvement, for constant development is the key to happiness.

This thought of living in seclusion contrasts with my more extroverted (ambivert) personality. However there is a peace of not having to be connected to the world, and as PolyInnovator I have chosen to be Extremely connected at this time.

Being omnichannel is probably the most connected one person/organization can be in this time period.

For now I will continue down this path, and hopefully leave a positive mark on the world.

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