Time of Change

TL:DR | Life is Not Comfortable, there are things you're gonna have to go through. You will change, and the sooner you adapt, the better off you will be!

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Time of Change

What does your life entail? Do you get up in the morning with a smile on your face, or do you slog out of bed draining your energy away with negative thoughts?

Change is a fundamental concept that consequently creates a different perception for each person directly, and indirectly, involved. Over the period of which the change occurs the imagery and collective information a person intakes, can vary greatly depending on the standpoint, but also affects how the change acts. Think all of those great movements and events of the past.

Aiming for new heights will allow you to gain new experiences, and face new events in your life. The problem is that when doing so it is bound to make you feel uncomfortable.

We are beings of decisions being made all the time, whether to walk a certain path, wear a certain shirt, or do a certain thing. Your brain is making those decisions on the spot, and it can be a draining process.

I have spent most of my adult life teaching other people, getting them to become better versions of themselves. I created techniques to surprise their psychological presets, and to fulfill my duty as an instructor. I have taught a multitude of things such as how to build a computer, how to swim (for 5ish years!), Water Aerobic Fitness, and much more. The reason I bring this up is because of the level of discomfort the person feels when I first get started with them. Not because of any real reason at the pool, the people, the area, or thing, just because they are literally in the water.

First thing I have to do every time is get them past that mindset, or else they will never swim! — Dustin, PolyInnovator
Time will hit you like a ton of bricks.


What happens is in their mind they are afraid they will drown, the most crucial part is how ridiculous the idea is! Alright let me elaborate, as drowning is a serious issue, and should be respected as it can be quite dangerous to be in a pool.

The problem is that there are so many levels of security against drowning, especially at my facility that it won’t happen. So lets put it into perspective, I am teaching a person in front of me, the deepest part of the pool is 4 feet. Even that person is plenty tall enough to stand in the pool. Despite the fact that they can literally stand up anytime there is an outrageous fear for them. I exclaim that you can stand, the lifeguard is right there ready to go at a moments notice, and most of all I am right here to keep you safe.

This is what I say, and their usual response: “What will happen if you fall?- ‘I drown!’- No! You stand up!”.

This is something that happens pretty much every time. It works so well that they generally will be ready to put their face in the water at that point, but if not then I keep chipping away.

One of the biggest things to keep in mind is that overall it is the fear sitting in that is causing this behavior. The feeling of being uncomfortable, and they let it happen. The joy I get when I get them past it is one that of accomplishment. I feed off of their happiness, which sounds bad, but it really isn’t. I love seeing them make progress, that process of them making mental or physical progress is like cat nip for me. Seeing the change is one experience that creates pride. The point to be made here is that if you were to walk away with anything today it should be that you are not always going to feel comfortable. In fact that you will probably go through most of your life uncomfortable, but if you stay in that MENTAL zone when doing so you will not accomplish anything in your life!

You need to surpass your mental block, and create a new situation where you are in control. One that you have the confidence to fulfill your needs at that point. Create a new dynamic for your life!

For most people it is when they are old, and for some it may happen in youth. Life travels at different speeds for various people, and some are aware enough to change how it occurs. Others just seem to be lost in their own illusion, and by the time they’re out, they are at the end of their path.

A revolution is a monumental step in humanity’s progress.

Now I’m not saying this to scare you, or even warn you, but do keep in mind that life will go by much quicker than you anticipate. Make the most of what you have, and live prosperously.

Most people would understand where this is coming from. The feeling of nostalgia when you finish a new book, video game, or movie. You are say because the ending has come to pass. The journey you went on was amazing, and the stories will make you that much wiser. Still that lingering feeling in your chest. The pain and sadness that something you enjoyed so much is over.

There is a saying “Don’t be sad that it is over, be happy that it happened in the first place!”

Those three types of media are different sources of knowledge and philosophy captured in little instances, and they let us escape from the trials of this world. Into fantasies that free us from the tough world around us, but you need to go out and make the most of it anyways.

With every great passage there is always a ship that transcends along it. That ship can be as small as a person or it could be worldwide. What people don’t seem to realize, and since it is quite metaphysical its understandable that they don’t, is the fact that in the near future there WILL be a tremendous and incremental change. A change that will rock the very foundation of the entire planet. I cannot say with much certainty what that change will be, for anything is possible, but think along the lines of a natural destruction (global warming), human-made destruction (nuclear, or war itself), or even other types that are unforeseeable.

We have had many steps in the past all around the world, but this one is the most prudent to our discussion.

“With Change there is always uncertainty.”
-Anthony Olson (Also known as Tony Kaos!)  #titanspirit #mentor

We must enact our freedoms and rights that are beneficial to the overall common good. Realize that the mistakes you make, missed opportunities, are the grand outcome of change that will pave the way for the future. Fate isn’t really that makes much sense, but it can be said with full confidence that we are ALL intertwined.

Our actions will set forth a path that WILL impact the entire world around us, and the very fact that we are ever more interconnected just goes to show that pattern! Simply said we are people, always remember that, each and every person. We are the people that will come together and start the worldwide revolution. Skip the social paradigm, and if people look at you funny, then it means it’s working.

Unfamiliarity can cause people to stray from making even the slightest change but if something is not done then we are in for an even worse fate the longer we wait.

Life is about experiencing the grand expanse of the world. Very few get to experience the outer space, the deep sea, or simply outside of the town they grew up in. No matter what your situation is there is a profound beauty to it. You can find a truly unique and simple notion of life, by just appreciating the environment around you. When I say environment I do not just mean the nature; I mean the people, businesses, the exponential progression of music, and audacity of life. The melody of life can found anywhere, and it is purely up to you tap into it. Better be quick because before you know it the song will be over.

We are one world, no matter what your religion, creed, or even ethnicity is. This is our new creed, the path of prosperity starts with the unity of one another, and the construct of living together in harmony. Just look at the Earth, evoke in it’s beauty. That is our planet, and if we don’t save it then who will?

Join the PolyInnovator Construct in our efforts to make one of the biggest changes in the world.

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