There’s No Such Thing as Race

TL:DR | Cutural Diversity, and Openness. Creating prosperity through unity, no matter what skin color, ethnic background, or DNA.

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To start off lets clear an idea that the entire world is fooled by, that is the idea of people of different color or different background is a different race. Scientifically this is quite far from the truth. Scientifically as modern humans we are designated as “Homo-Sapiens”, that is our “Race”. So to say that a Korean man or a Peruvian Woman is a separate race is false.

The Next Step for the Human Race or simply put, the world! This post was created as an idea map for humanity's progress and future. I am using that to explain to all of you what we must do to get started.

This first starts with three key concepts:


Living together, working together, and creating a world together in peace and harmony.


Making creative ideologies and technologies with ingenuity and genius.


Being, and helping others to be, the best person they (or you) can be.

“There is a separation of colored people from white people in the United States. That separation is not a disease of colored people. It is a disease of white people. I do not intend to be quiet about it.” — Albert Einstein

Race is a social concept created in order to put down other human beings. I encourage every one of you to make the change and stop using the word in all stances except in biology where “Homo-erectus” and “homo-sapiens” are the topic. There is no difference in humans, maybe ethnicity but that only goes so far

What needs to change is the social division that this social concept generates. The whole idea was a construct created to give an excuse for things such as slavery or invasion. Countries have based entire wars throughout the history of the human race because of this. Think Nazi Germany as a prime example. The scientific community deems that general use of the term “race” is used in a naive or simplistic way.

Now the separation of people is not just cause of this delusional idea. There are many other producers to it as well. Such as religion, politics, and ethnicity. Granted these are based on choices a person makes in their life (like being a religious person or atheist), and based on where in the world you were born (ethnicity). Although these concepts influence us they do not define who we are, for WE choose what we are and how we are portraying ourselves. If you grew up in a household that participated in KKK activities then it is your choice to join or resist. Another example may be you growing up in a conservative home, and you turning out more liberal.

These Concepts will dawn a new age.

  1. Create a network of like-minded individuals who, when accumulated, will amass a glorious union of great people. (Simple right?)
  2. [U.L.C.] The United Living Construct, A self efficient society based on the idea that a utopia is possible. An organization with no crime, no need for money, no negativity, and most importantly no corruption.
  3. Sharing is caring. We must share the wealth of love and peace with anyone who asks. If the U.L.C. has made enough of an impact at this point, then perhaps a transfiguration of the world is in order. If not then continue to be a beacon of what humanity can accomplish.
  4. The world is united. The world officially has evolved as a global network and people, and is finally ready to accomplish things that would never been possible before. A world united, and with no ethnicity conflicts because we are all the human race.
We would need a new name for Earth/Terra at that point. Perhaps: Neo-Terra, Terranova, or United World?

No matter where you are from, you are welcome to join us on this journey to unite the world. We will be a beacon of peace and prosperity to whoever we encounter.

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