The WHY, HOW, and WHAT of Content Repurposing

TL:DR | The post emphasizes the importance of content repurposing for creators. The key takeaway is to gradually repurpose, guiding audiences from smaller snippets to main content for increased engagement and familiarity.

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The WHY, HOW, and WHAT of Content Repurposing

The importance of repurposing is something that not all creators understand at first. In fact I've met some great big creators who still think it is something to ignore.

Focusing instead of simply creating more and more content, rather than chopping up their existing. I mean even using tools like Opus, is a super quick way to just quickly repurpose your video. There are others too for written and audio. Let's get into the importance of Repurposing.

Why is it something that EVERY creator should do?

First and foremost it expands your reach. Every video or podcast you make is a door to your content ecosystem. When you repurpose your content into say clips or Instagram quote images, then each of those pieces also too then become doors to your ecosystem.

The more doors you have, then the maximum reach potential is increased. With syndication on top of that you can reach even more people. Sharing your knowledge and charisma to all.

How can we go about getting started?

The first thing is to think about the layers of your content. For example this blog post has different sections that make up the post.

The intro, the why, the how, the unique tool, and then outro. That is how I structure each one of the newsletters in THIS series. Other newsletters may have a different approach. The point is that each section can have something to offer.

Perhaps I could take the highlighted tool, and make it a series on Instagram. Maybe I could take the why, how, what, outro sections and make a Carousel post for social media.

I could transform this post into a video, or use the audio version that you can listen to at the top of this post, and turn it into a podcast. Those are just a FEW examples of many that you could do.

Highlighted Tool of the Week: View Stats

A Chrome extension that gives you detailed statistics and information on whatever channel you are looking at.

This is really helpful for content creators as well to show you what is working on your channel well. What topics to continue to make more of, and more!

🥡 Takeaways

Content repurposing is the act of making your main piece of content stretch as far as it can. Combine that with a bit of syndication and a bit of transforming magic in how you make the content. You can make it go even further.

How you go about it is up to you, but trying to make it into a sub-series is something I think would be most ideal for those just starting out. Trying to take an omnichannel approach when you first start can be overwhelming.

Take a post like this, and make a sub-post like one of the Instagram ideas. That way it leads people into reading

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