The Prospect of Utopia

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The Prospect of Utopia,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/

The world has much potential in many different areas, and many people seem to think that we need to select just one path. There really isn’t a reason to do so, yes the path of the United Living Construct is meant to be one of the few alternatives available right now to war, but it won’t always be. The point of the U.L.C. (and PolyInnovator Construct) isn’t just to bring people together, but to instill the creativity of that people.

Today we are looking at some projects, projections, and people who are suitable to induce that creativity, knowledge, and innovation!,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/
Created by Staszek Marek of Poland

This city is just a concept for what can be achieved even by the technologies we have now, the main problem and tribulation we face when trying to develop this sort of project is no other than the society. Most of the populace lack the imagination to get going off of to complete something along these lines. The project needs vision in order to be completed, and if there is no leader for such vision (say like the U.L.C.), then it ends up crumbling. Then even more people say it cannot be done.

The City of Tomorrow

One thing to note is that a majority of Utopian concepts all take place on the sea, or in a bay, somewhere in the water. Why is that? Well as the population is continuing to grow and expand, then the need for space and innovation increases as well. Water becomes a no brainer for space, and the algae below allows for resources to be collected.

There was a man named Jacques Fresco; who created designs, ideas, and other assorted awe-inspiring Utopian architecture. Even made physical prototypes of structures to be used. He received an award for City Design and Community, at the Novus Summit, by the UN in 2016. He created magnificent idealistic cities, that could actually be developed if given the people and resources. He amassed an acute following that allowed him to continue his pursuits a bit more, but lacked much recognition for his genius until 2016. Sadly he passed away in 2017, following this the project still remains, and aims to make the dream a reality. The U.L.C. intends on helping this project as much as possible, along with other potential humanity innovation inducing projects all around the world.

@thevenusproject being a great example.

A Resource Based Economy

We need a new way of living in order to keep humanity alive, places of high sustainability, then those places can help the countries lagging behind. Elevate them to a higher way of life.

The People of Tomorrow

Following this idea we move on to the type of people who would encompass this Utopian city. We want to instill any sort of genius like Jacques if we are able to in the future, but there are plenty of here right now scattered all over the world who have that capacity. Let alone may already even be ready to get the future show on the road! One man whom that is a great example: Siim Land he has spent his years learning about anthropology, nutrition, the body mind connection, and aimed to try to change future of humanity. A polymath by nature, always wanted to consume knowledge and wisdom in the pursuit of sharing it with others.

This sort of mentality is what we need more of in order to gather the resources to create this global unification vision. The masterminds behind the creation of a Utopian society would have to be ones of a polymathic mentality. To lead the other people into the future. These masterminds, are simply polymaths, the people who contain all traits of U.L.C. Innovators. From the Leaders, to the Uniters, and to the Creators. They all are extremely important, but in order to keep everyone together there needs to be people who can guide even the U.L.C. Innovators themselves. It is our hope that eventually after the project is completed, and after some time the society will grow so prosperous that everyone becomes Polymaths!

It is not a level system, more of a hierarchy of knowledge. When an Innovator teaches themselves so much that not one category of the U.L.C. fits, then they become a polymath.,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/


The world is meant for more than what we are now. The entire human civilization is starting to crumble underneath our weight of greed. It is not natural to be this materialistic, but it is to want more. The concept of wanting more is ingrained in our biology, what is not ingrained is what that “more” will entail. As the strive for getting more can even be getting more from yourself, more reps in a workout, more understanding of yourself, and more love for the people around you. Seems a bit on the nose, but mentally it is the same when in practice. It still activates the same receptors in the brain.

Can We Accomplish This?

The world is guided by what has happened in the past, losing the bit of faith that it can be done, this is where innovators come in. They still can see the potential, and are not afraid of the mistakes of the past. They still want to see humanity grow, despite the challenges.

We need innovators like that, innovators like you to change the world.

The U.L.C. is meant to be a hub of innovation, and whether that means solely online, in the cloud, or adrift in the sea as a city; we will keep that promise to be that hub!,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/

To spark this ideological revolution we need every single person reading this site to help out. At least in some way, if that is as little (but greatly helping) as sharing us on social media, or as grand as being one of the creators of the physical city, it matters only that you are helping! Anything is greatly appreciated.

We can get this goal to become a reality, but only if we unite the people all around the world, under the umbrella of the U.L.C., to keep all our goals aligned so that we can pursue the same goal together. Not to change anybody’s goals, but to make them realize that ours is one in the same! Even if it doesn’t seem like it on the surface! The Fuji Declaration has been signed by the U.L.C. in order to instill the hope into the people encompassing our network. We care about the people here, and want to see everyone grow.

Call To Action!

I created a playlist on YouTube based around the seastead ideal. All in hopes of inspiring a Utopia in the future! Please give it a look!

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