The Philosophy of the Fireside Codex

TL:DR | The origin of philosophy in the Fireside Codex. A simple idea exchange to spark some food for thought.

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The Philosophy of the Fireside Codex

I came to this new site with the hopes that it could simplify a lot of things, as well as give a home to everything I create. In addition to that I wanted to create a replacement for the Fireside Blog I made early last year, and a spiritual successor to the U.L.C. blog I had nearly a decade ago. For that one took a pretty philosophical approach, even when talking about technology.

Growing up I've always have been fascinated with cultivating wisdom, and learning from philosophy. It is why I both greatly dislike, and love religion for example. I dislike it because a majority of global conflicts have been because of two things:

Resources (of course)

In either case one could make an argument against both. People could share resources, or trade (which is what evolved into our modern economy). Resources became money, and we all agreed that it was tradable to a degree.

The religion is finicky because one would say mine is better than yours. Then they would fight about it. However the reason why I bring it up is because of my love of philosophy.

We are all one People

Firstly, if you're easily offended, then I do not think it is best for you to keep reading. I sincerely do not want to anger anyone with my observations, and philosophical discourse. This being said if you are still here, then you are curious which I respect.

If you look at the Etiology and Etymology of most religions, then it becomes remarkably clear that most of them have the same stories. I.e. the great flood is mentioned in much of the same details in religions all across the world. From Hinduism, to Judaeo-Christian, to even Polynesian stories.

There are other examples, but that one is the most prominent. When you see things from that holistic view as I do, then it feels more like a unifying trait than differentiating.

Since I don't subscribe to any of them being fully real, or being the "main" one. Then it leaves me open to the philosophies of each belief system. Allowing for not only seeing the potential overlap, but learning from their differences as well.

A couple major practices in China, such as Taoism and Confucianism are both really amazing to me. Yet they are inherently different, and sometimes contradictorily.
Being able to see both as important things to learn from, just like the western belief systems too; Allows for a much greater expanse of knowledge and philosophy.

Babylon and Ancient Humans

We're realizing more and more from scientific studies that ancient humans aren't that much different than we are now. For we simply employ multiple layers of social constructs, but we made them over time. Underneath we are essentially the same, and that is totally okay.

We are susceptible to limiting beliefs, bias, and even tribalism simply because of how our brains are wired. We are growing out of those patterns due to technology, which is an interesting phenomena for another day.

Speaking of creation myths from around the world, we can trace back the stories we know so well, such as the great flood mentioned before; To the Babylonian creation myths. Think of it like the book "Steal like an Artist", where the writers of bibilical texts simply reworded the myths everyone knew already. This is where I thought people would get offended. However it makes a lot of sense, and doesn't disprove their beleifs if that helps. Just simply makes the timeline a bit longer than 6,000 years.

What does this mean for us?

Well I created this codex to be an outlet for creative trains of thought, and this was what I wanted to write about today. Any codex entry can be about anything that feels right, so tomorrow it could be about Smart Cities, but today I take a philosophical view of religion.

That is the example I wanted to make out of this post, and give you a viewpoint to ground the ideas shared. I love philosophy, and learning from cultures from all over. This post was made out of respect for people, not the opposite, and I just wanted to drive that home.

Hope this was some food for thought for you!

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