The OmniContent CMS

TL:DR | A tool idea built for the modern age of microcontent, and multiple content types. Built for creators of the multi/omni-platform variety.

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The OmniContent CMS

I've been thinking about this for a while, and my disappointments with all the various social media management tools as well as content management systems; I think has lead me to want to make my own OmniContent CMS.

Built with micro content and other forms (such as videos and podcasts) in mind. I'm not saying host the videos/podcasts, although I'm not against it, but rather having the post types in the cms to account for their existence.

Rebelmouse is the closest thing I can think of, but it looks terrible in a UI/UX design standpoint, as well as still locked in a 2013 social media mindset.

I know this is bit of a rant, but the problem is that I’ve tried most of the other options. Yet I haven’t found a solution worth my time and money.

However I wanted to get all of your opinions on it. I think too beyond just CMS it would account for omnichannel marketing, so if people wanted to connect it with their current system too.


I literally moved all… err rather most of my side blogs, to this platform (at the time of writing it is, and yet I am already thinking of moving. has been on my mind a lot, and the simplicity just appeals so much to my minimalist side.It is a constant battle for me with my polymathic omnichannel goals, and my personal minimalist simplifying heart. Honestly, as much as I am complaining I think I am ahead of most on this. Not being a braggart, but more of a realist. Considering my extensive trial and usage of a vast ecosystem of tools. From to to all of the social media management tools. I try to make my OmniContent, and OmniBlog posts, with a repurpose mindset. Meaning that certain call to actions make perfect tweets, or click to tweet even, or set things up for me to make a cool quote. It isn’t robotic, but rather strategic. I don’t even think you’d need to do that with this envisioned tool I am thinking of, but it would certainly help your output.

I think in systems, and the problem is the tools aren’t keeping up with my ideal goals.

I want to make an OmniContent tool, that much is for sure, and that is because I’ve tried 90+ social media management tools. They all did not satisfy my simple request of RSS to social automations (or even just simple campaigns). If I took that tool idea, and ran a CMS on it, then think about how quickly content could go out. Let alone the true IMPROVEMENT on that micro content. Not just a simple share, but quality posts being shared.

What is Ideal

If you're reading this, then I already have moved to Ghost CMS, and this section was added during the revamp. After spending some nice time on substack I felt that it didn't solve my actual needs. It was just simply nice, but on here it was able to completely replace both my wordpress AND substack (and the others from before).

Although I certainly had many issues, especially with the customization of the site. Literally have the most powerful Ghost site on the web, that only uses ghost at least. Other sites may use Ghost only for the blog portion of their site.

The CMS ideal

Despite my sincere happiness with this CMS, and I won't be moving for a long time. The point of this post was to share my ideas about a custom CMS. RebelMouse had a cool feature where part of your posts were part of the "content accelerator", where they got repurposed into tweets or social posts.

Honestly, from what I can tell RM seems a bit archaic nowadays. Not to mention completely exclusive it seems to new users. Too closeminded, and limited in every other way.

What does that leave? Wordpress, Substack, Ghost, and Webflow. Weebly/squarespace/wix don't count. The remaining four have their benefits, and I looked at all 11,000 plugins on wordpress I know what it has too.

However the problem is that it is still limited to just written posts. However in our modern age of content creation, one does not simply just write. Some hold outs may do it, and if it is your main medium I get it. For the most part however you will not just be doing writing, and you HAVE to be on social to be successful.

I think every platform deserves to have it's own content FOR SURE, but..... there is a lot to be said for repurposing content. Taking this post and transforming it into other types. Such as a paragraph or quote, or quote image, can turn into a tweet for example.

Yet at this point in time it is purely done by hand.

What should an Ideal CMS do?

Well first and foremost should be able to host other content types, and you can macgyver that into wordpress, but it is not the same. Making all the content on one platform natively is far better, then using AI to chop up into smaller pieces. That could either automatically be sent, or put into a template/calendar to be sent by a human.

Either way, you cut out the process of having to chop it up yourself. You don't even need an AI, for if the cms is made with social in mind. Then certain "blocks" in the editor could be made for it. A click to tweet block for example could act like that plugin on wordpress, but also upon posting the feed to the rss line. Then the tweets could be automatically entered into a queue with a link to it.

Same thing goes for images, perhaps you have to make three manually, which would be one for each orientation. Vertical/horizontal/square. Then they could be sent out to respective places.

Honestly this wouldn't be hard to make in the long run, and would save a ton of time for creators.

If you are interested in taking this idea and making this a reality, then talk to me about collaborating on it.

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