The Mindset of the Future

TL:DR | The punchline, if we live long enough. Let us all agree that the world has potential yes, but the world as a species not so much. At least not yet!

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The Mindset of the Future

Finding Your Path

Taking the steps towards the right direction will give you the opportunity to grow in the manner that is conducive to the world’s dynamic.

Overall the world functions simply because we have decided to all come together, and work together. We had put aside most of our differences from countless wars before, and decided to be economical with each other. This has worked for a time, and will for another 50 years more than likely, but after that it will fail. If we didn’t all go extinct by then.

The reason why this worked for so long was because that it was highly unconventional to work so closely together as we do now. Some people are going to comment here that oh we have been trading for centuries, blah blah blah. No, certain countries were trading, some countries were on the Silk Road, and some countries actually even communicated. The level of interaction with every single country is unprecedented before the rise of the internet.

The point here to make is that we are still growing, and the growing pains are starting to become apparent. These are going to be a disastrous distraction if we do not start to change our mindset on the world. “We” as in literally the world.

Religious Mindset

Theologically most areas of the world have been quite different, and that has sparked many of wars. This is ridiculous as most religions generally have the same stories (Great Flood, Emotional God(s), and Apocalypse), and same theories on interpersonal conduct. This is not an attack on religion, simply an observation after studying vast religious texts. Think about it though why do we stick to these ancient texts with the level of intensity that we do? Belief.

The belief that the world will get better, belief that if we do that our afterlife will be good, belief that God will smite you down if you do not follow. I would go as far as to say that is fear. Fear that the world will tear itself apart, fear that there is no afterlife, or fear that you could get smite down. It matters not what your belief is, this isn’t an article based on religion. Today the focus is mindset, and suffice to say MANY people base their mindset from religion. It is easier that way, and allows for unity among the religious groups.

Why wouldn’t somebody do that? I mean it seems like a good deal, believe one thing you have an army of allies beside you. Well this can be hazardous if someone you work with has another belief than you. Yes we can stay cordial around all different kinds of people, but what happens when someone speaks theologically? They get angry, despite the fact that their belief states to be compassionate to all.

It is a protective mindset, and it will lead to a poor outcome.

Challenge Assumptions.

Why do we insist on making our beliefs permanent? Our bodies aren’t permanent, our minds aren’t permanent, you could even go as far as to say that our spirits are not as well. They could be, they could not be, we don’t know. Meaning that throughout your life it makes sense to change beliefs, and evolve just like we do outside of religion. Our minds grow more wise, our bodies stronger then weaker, spirits strong like a stallion then feeble. This is a generalization yes, but the point needs to be made.

Who is to say that you can’t have a religious mind, but open one as well? You believe one thing, but you have the self-discipline to learn, understand, and listen to another? This small idea alone could abolish Islamophobia.

Who is to say that your path in life has to be one way? Why can’t it change along the way if you feel that your life means something different? People get scolded if they want to change careers, but then when they become successful at it, they are praised as if they were supported the whole time. It is a facade to create connections that aren’t really there, as our system thrives on them. It claws to the surface in order to keep on going, but for what? An old belief?some founding fathers who knew nothing about what the future would hold? This is my favorite, some constructed idea that people of a different color are somehow a different race? #homosapiens

What is the Mindset of the Future?

Alright now then to the point, what is the mindset of the future? How does it play into the role of all of the previously mentioned topics?

Well to put it into perspective the future is without a doubt based on the rise of new technologies. Just has it has always been, but the difference this time is that the internet as a platform is evolving, getting bigger, and most importantly getting smarter. Previous tasks that humans had to do, can now be done with AI, many jobs can now be automated, people worry that there won’t be jobs left. There will be, and we will make more, this is an extremely entrepreneurial time, and when the weeds of the weak are filtered by the next economic downfall, then only the strongest entrepreneurs survive to create more jobs. Keeping the economy strong, and the citizens with work.

Alright so what does this have to do with everything? The thing often most forgotten is that everything is connected. When one thing changes, so does another, and another. One way to expedite that process, is for us as the people, to change our mindsets on how we approach the coming changes. Shall we focus our efforts on slowing change as our ancestors did before, or should we speed up the process by accepting that the change is going to happen no matter what and get started on making it better?

Obviously the latter option is key, and the way we do that is by changing our mindset on the whole situation. Right now we are closed, reluctant to change, and worse yet prone to self-destruction. Anyone who has seen/read/played any science fiction knows that we have the potential to do much much more as species. We can eventually colonize other planets, terraform our own to combat our self-caused greenhouse gases, and even advance our consciousness. This is all within the realm of possibility if we live long enough to try.

The punchline, if we live long enough. Let us all agree that the world has potential yes, but the world as a species not so much. At least not yet!

Here is a great post on another site that I think you would enjoy reading after this!

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