The Impact of Music on the Soul and Emotions

TL:DR | The power of music on how you feel, enhancing your feelings, connecting with your soul, and expressing yourself.

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The Impact of Music on the Soul and Emotions

Music has a profound effect on your psychology, and it goes both ways too. If you are feeling happy or sad, then you listen to either one, then you can/will start to feel that way.What we often end up doing, is finding songs that match our current mood. That CAN help us process our thoughts and emotions more so, but it can also fuel the intensity of said emotion.

If you spend too much time in that state you will spiral out of control. I mean that in the happiness sense too. It is best to find the balance.I've been up and down in emotions all week, to the point I am unfamiliar with.

I've tried to balance out my music listening, but have been failing to do so. That is okay, it is good to have moments of feeling what you're feeling. Although I can't dwell, and stay stagnant where I am. For the 2nd/3rd time THIS WEEK I worked out hard this week, simply so I could get out of a funk. It sort of worked, and is helping me balance back out.

What I need to do as well is listen to more positive music. Such as this song that I used to play for my water aerobics class. It would make me feel alive, seeing the smiles on their faces, the vibe of the song, and overall feeling of life.

The Channel of Karaoke

I sometimes tell people that when I sing on stage at karaoke, and the crowd is all vibing along that it is one of the only few times I feel anything.

I've spent the last 8 years pursuing my singing career on the side of life, religiously going to karaoke to learn how to sing. Learn the dynamics of being on stage, the tonality of various singers/songs, and understanding the range of voices.

I often choose my song on how I am feeling, or that of the crowd itself. I've gotten pretty good at reading the vibe of a crowd to see if it will be a good night or not. Sometimes I'm wrong, and I love it because it means more of a challenge.

Other attempts at self-development such as going to salsa were attempted, but for the most part singing has hit a chord that nothing else can.

I like making people feel something, and if they can feel my soul when I sing, then I feel that it was a successful performance.

A Sad Soul Reaching Out

Music is the passion of the soul, and even if you are mentally/physically too nervous to share that part of you. Eventually that soulfulness will spill out. Last night at karaoke even I sang both of my songs from the heart, without needing to look at the screen, which for me is a big step in the right direction.

I found myself singing Talking to the Moon, and At Last last night. Two songs I can sing from the heart without needing to know where to be. I wanted to share my feelings with my friends at the dive bar. Let alone express myself in a way I know how. Perhaps one day my sad soul will reach out to the world as a whole as true musician.

Music is the Universal Language

As someone who listens to music in any language, especially that of Spanish and Hindi, outside of my native tongue; There is no need to understand the lyrics, as the feeling you get from the song itself is what matters. Eventually you'll learn to understand the words, and that will reignite your passion for that song once again.

We as people find ourselves feeling all sorts of things. Stressed about making money to take care of our families, songs about the happenings of life, or especially songs about the roller coaster of love. Whether it is because of the turmoil of the emotion, or perhaps the joyfulness of it.

Music hits the soul, makes you feel emotions deeper, and enhances life as a whole.

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