The Guide to Purposeful Success

TL:DR | This is an amalgamation of the late blog "The Guide to Purposeful Success", of which is now only viewable in the WayBackMachine. I wanted to share the ideals of the site, and what I thought on the same topics.

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The Guide to Purposeful Success

I found an interesting article during my research for the latest OmniContent, which is a mini-series around generalists and polymaths. Where the author had talked about generalists on their blog.

However when I finally got to making this mini series, I went back to all the articles, and when I got theirs the whole site was shut down. I take it perhaps the endeavor just wasn't working out for them. Quite like how the United Living Construct was for me originally, although I had a way to keep up the old site for history's sake for free.

I digress, the whole site was centered around being a guide for "Purposeful Success", and since it has since been shut down you can only really access it via the WayBackMachine. I'll link what I can, or take screenshots, but I wanted to share the knowledge and information from there. Also share my own takes on the person's philosophy, and share my knowledge as well.

I do this from time to time when I see interesting sites, whether they are unfinished, or perhaps gone all together.

Mission Statement:

Site Quote:

"Here at GPS, we are going to discover each of our unique purposes and empower each other to unlock and fulfill our full potential.  We are going to inspire each other to pursue our passion and chase after and realize our dreams.  We will develop our emotional intelligence and gain mastery of intrinsic self-confidence and build a stronghold of self-esteem that is not dependent on external circumstances.  We will elevate our social intelligence to cultivate meaningful relationships with those in our lives and foster harmonious communities."
"No matter what success means to you, GPS is here to help you navigate towards your success because we believe in a world where everyone can succeed."


The site was short lived, but had a deep set of philosophies and systems. The author knew what they were talking about, and had employed many useful paradigms. From the Hierarchy of Needs to the concept of Ikigai.

These are the themes I found in the site, and wanted to touch on them with the author's own bits as well.


In order to pursue growth in your life you must know where you are to go next. At the very least the next step, you may not have the grandiose picture yet, or even a life goal. However it is a great first step to create a Personal Mission Statement.

Personal Mission Statement
From our last post, we learned that understanding what success really means to us is the first step towards achieving it. It is important to identify our True Success so that we do not realize we …

From the principles, morals, and values you can syndicate them all into your own PMS. When you do it starts to become clear of who you are, and who you want to become.

From there you can create a step ladder, over the next year, decade, or your entire life. For me it is the phases of PolyInnovator, as they are my tracking markers of where I am in the ladder. I started Phase 2 at the end of this previous Summer, as I felt it was time to move from teaching as my main job. This month I stopped altogether, and it is a stepping stone for my next chapter.


Between SMART goals and actionable steps, there is a ladder to climb ahead of you. How you attain those goals come down to the actions you take on a daily basis, which is the same line of thought of the Self-Improvement part of the PolyInnovation OS:

Self-Improvement | Personal PolyInnovation System
Self-Improvement through Habits and Systems. Creating an organized life operating system.This is part of the Personal PolyInnovation System!

Creating the habits and systems in your life, and through them the compound effect.


One post about "getting the job" talked about understanding the employer/company, and understanding the job itself. This is something I touched on today actually in my post about generalists. The idea of catering your words to the person you are trying to win over in order to get the job. Learning how to explain yourself well, and the various dynamics of your own knowledge to another person.

“What is the meaning of life?”
“What is the reason I wake up every morning?”
“What am I truly passionate about?”

The combination of those three is your one thing in life worth living for, and to find your “1 Thing”?

The author use's their own "GPS’s 3P Framework."

This is much like the concept of Ikigai, which I have talked about a lot on various podcasts. Also there is a mini series of the OmniContent coming up for it as well. The diagram they used is much simpler, but leaves out some of the important bits:

When you find the intersection of these areas you find that "1 Thing"!


To the author it seems that Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is one of the main pillars of success.

One of my guests last year on the Polycast really brought this to my attention, as in the pandemic most people were focused on one of the lower base levels of the pyramid. Leaving them to fight for survival, rather than thrive, and find success.

The author also asks the question what is success? By definition it could mean a lot of things, so the point is to determine what does success look like to YOU?

When that is found, then the ladder becomes clear, your goals identified, and the next step right there.

My Take on it All

We share a common vision me and the blog's author:

Where we want to create a new world on top of the old, which one that focuses on everyone. Creating a new way of life for the global population, and that was the intention behind the United Living Construct endeavor of mine.

To create a hub of innovation, where the greatest minds and innovators, and I didn't fully realize it at the time... Polymaths; could all come together to #makeachange. Creating a new world.

Screengrab from the site; Also I did follow the link and fill out their Google Form.

My feedback is to bring back the site, or join me on my journey. I created this post to be a historical marker, and be able to make the dream of your site live on. I hate it when endeavors die out, but I know it is a fact of life. The best I can do is try to save as much as I can.

We are super excited to be embarking on this wonderful journey towards success with you and we look forward to witnessing your growth and development!

You can find it all here:

The only profile I see active

Guide to Purposeful Success

It is the same here on the OmniBlog, I can do my best to write this post, but your role is to share this with someone you think it could help!

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