The Future with the U.L.C.

TL:DR | Why are you here? Is it to learn from the philosophy, develop your life, unite the world, or simply out of curiosity? No matter what, thank you.

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The Future with the U.L.C.

The beautiful thing about life is that there is endless opportunities to improve, not just on the personal scale, but on the entire world itself. We have a chance to change the world by changing the lives of the people encompassing it!

It has been written in the stars that the United Living Construct will come into fruition, but that isn’t enough for we are going to make it happen. We will go through every trial and challenge to make this happen, and do you know why? Simply because it is the right thing to do, and in order to #MAKEACHANGE in the world, we must first ##MAKEACHANGE in ourselves.

The way the U.L.C. see’s the world is that we have to change the way we are living right now in order to continue our species existence. Not just way of life, but the very existence of humanity is on the line. We are consuming resources at an alarming rate, and wasting 60 million tons of food in the U.S. alone every year all while people are starving in various places on the globe. The staggering lack of protection we have agonist the spread of disease could honestly be the way the world ends just on it’s own. Let alone war, starvation, or extraterrestrial rocks. There are threats of super-volcanoes, earthquakes, and many other natural planetary disasters that many people are choosing to ignore despite the fact that Yellowstone is way overdue to erupt. The California fault is projected to have an earthquake unlike anything we have ever seen.

All of this is very concerning yes, but if we were to take unified action against these threats, we could maybe stand a chance. Sure there are many small time, and even governmental, actions being taken for this. The problem is that they are usually highly underfunded, understaffed, and the population currently lacks the desire to fix anything.

If you were to read, watch, or play ANY science fiction source then what is the first thing you see? Either a Utopia or Dystopia, with nothing in between. That is scary when you think about it because literally it is an all or nothing sort of deal. Meaning if we don’t get our act together, and fast then we have no choice but to live in a dystopia! That is horrible! Granted the real world works differently, but that isn’t for the better, in most Sci-Fi the world has already started making developments in the future we want to see by now. It is 2017 and we are still worried about the reality TV shows we watch, how the figurehead of a president is making ridiculous statements like “Fire and Fury”, and how taking down a statue in a park is even relevant.

U.L.C. Philosophy

The concept of philosophy is simply that of wisdom. Wisdom can originate from experience, learning, and suffering. The relative nature of all three originators allows for a cohesive ideology formulated in each individual. Each person really has their own philosophy, and when someone else’s philosophy resonates strongly with yours, or even the idea overcomes your own, it establishes the other person as a philosopher.

Socrates once said that the future civilizations will be lead by “Philosopher Kings”, king in this case meaning a leader of any kind. This means that the leaders of the future must lead with philosophy in heart and mind. Formulating the government based off of this approach. Tackling every encounter and challenge in this way. When coming from wisdom as the main forefront of any leadership, it can only lead to success. Wisdom is the key to humanity’s lineage, and the main source of ingenuity.,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/

No matter what your belief, the reach of philosophy is simply that of making your mind think. Giving you food for thought, in order to perhaps change your mind, or at the very least give you a reason to ponder life.

Realizing that understanding a philosophy, and replacing your own is two very different things is the point here. It is unfathomable how many people think that learning about a contradicting philosophy is good for you, and that you do not have to give up your own belief.

Just focus on the growth of your mind and spirit, and let new ideas flow through you. If they resonate keep them, and if not then continue on your path for development!

U.L.C. Self-Development Through the Four Pillars Philosophy

The Four Pillars a going to be a staple of many people’s lifestyles, and a fundamental process in schools. This is the ultimate goal for the FPP, to be able to make a difference in literally anyone and everyone’s life. A simplistic process for making grand changes to your own life, and with the support of a community driven for the same purpose!

Taking each aspect of life and putting it in front of you, and tackling any challenge ahead of you for each Pillar. Over time each progress you make with one Pillar will spill over to the others. Same goes for lack of progress thought so keep that in mind!,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/

All of these Pillars are highly interconnected. There is a brilliant level of progress people can make from this philosophy! Hopefully in some way that you act upon these ideas will lead you to great success!

U.L.C. #MAKEACHANGE for World Unity

There are so many things the world needs to work on right now, and the level of attention that any of them is getting is minor. The problem is we are getting distracted by simple things. They are preventing us from seeing the whole picture, and even more so preventing us from doing anything about it. The minds of the people can be an immeasurable resource, but if they are blindsided there is no hope. We need to illuminate the situation, and the possibilities in order to achieve higher understanding overall.

ULCians are the people we call who encompass the U.L.C. they are the people who help become beacons of light for all of the wary populace. They are as follows:


The people who bring everyone together, and instill a mindset for change, and rally the people to further the goals of everyone.

These are the people who go out and #MAKEACHANGE first, and establish the groundwork for the others to follow on!


They are the ones who unlike the Uniters, tackle the everyday stuff, and face off the challenges in a more direct manner. They are the ones spread through many different areas, leading the Uniters and Creators to new heights. Taking the daily tasks with a strong mind and heart.


The innovators, the creatives, and the assortment of U.L.C. driven content. They are the catalysts for change, and the originators of making of change. The changers of the world.,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/


Lastly we have the PolyInnovators, which you have probably seen my title in the author portion of the blog. The PolyInnovators are people who carry traits of all three previous ULCians. Ones who are charged with the much more difficult tasks, and the organizers of the entire whole.

For the most part anyone can become a PolyInnovators if shown that they can attribute the skills and mindsets of Uniters, Leaders, and Creators alike. This sounds easy, but becoming someone will all of those skills from communication and leadership, to creative natures it can be difficult.

The main thing to keep in mind is that each of the types of ULCians are interchangeable. Meaning if you start out as a Leader you are not confined to just being that. If we have a dire need for someone of your skills it may be pushed, but if you feel that your contributions would be better suited in a different environment we want the best work flow for you.

U.L.C. Technology of the Future

The future can be one of true wonders, and full on innovation driven societies. The possibilities are literally endless in this case, and the chance that we have for this is slim right now. Right now it may just end, but if we can make it past this window we will wake up on the other side of greatness.

The ingenuity that we all have, or can have, is immense. The innovative ideas that lay in the back burner of many 9 to 5 workers. Even the grinding that people are going through right now. This all leads to a spark of genius. One that ignites into a roaring flame of creativity. A blaze of innovation that rampages (in a good way) throughout the world. An inferno of positive change on every level of humanity.,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/
“Technology is the physical form of innovation in the world.”
-Dustin, PolyInnovator

Technology is the fruit of that labor, the seed of innovation, and the tree of the established. Fundamentally it is about making a change in the world. Understanding this will give way for new innovators and creators to blossom, and come out of the shadows. We will create megacities out of sustainable green tech, with companies driving new innovations every day. The scandals you see on TV will be replaced by new ideas or inventions on our Virtual Reality Headsets. The path of the future is lined up in front of us. Can you stay on it?

A Change Will Come

Whether that change is good or bad is up to all of us. We are the harbingers of our destiny, even the destiny of the Earth as a whole. Understanding that concept is crucial to humanity’s success because we cannot start to change if we do not know why we are doing it. Each person has the capacity to learn even the most advanced concepts, yet some people choose to stay stagnant in their life. This can no longer be tolerated, and at the very least peers need to start pushing them to new heights.

Self development and improvement is literally the way our lives function. It is not some new habit a generation created, it is literally the building blocks of humanity. Every innovation, every great mind, and every event in our history (and prehistory) originated from Self-Development. From the mastery of fire to the creation of the world wide web, it was all from this.

We are beings who constantly learn and evolve (in a personal sense) throughout our lives. If choose to block that flow because of laziness, or lack of desire for change, then we are literally going against our natural way of life.

Remember why you are here on the planet, remember what happens if we do not start to change our way of life, and remember to always stay compassionate!

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