The Future of Philosophy and Technology

TL:DR | Unifying two distinct fields such as philosophy and technology, is the key to the prosperous future. How we do that is through...

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The Future of Philosophy and Technology


The future of technology is one that is going to completely turn everything we know upside down.

With the rise of new cloud based tech, and the internet of things; The entire world is becoming more and more connected. We really need to get the less rich countries around the world on the game as well. Not to mention the more rural areas of the rich countries. There are still some very primitive minds in these areas, simply because they lack access to the wealth of knowledge found online. I would go as far to say that the natives of poor countries may be more mentally disciplined simply due to the rough lifestyle.

If we were to elevate these quote on quote “lesser” countries they would become brilliant allies, and create unique technology of their own. This would advance the world in a technological and economical manner greatly!


The ideology of any person, or country, is going to lead the world’s dynamic with the ever connected world we are all establishing right now.

With the highly diverse level of religion, philosophies, and lifestyles all over. This is becoming more and more an issue preventing the unification of the planet. We cannot even get over our differences in politics let alone religion to work together. Religion isn’t holding people back, but their mindsets on it IS. Having a belief system is good for spiritual health most of the time, but when it starts to impact society and interpersonal relations it needs to be reevaluated.

Saying this will probably make some people angry, well that just proves the point even more so!

Philosophy is the love of wisdom inherently, it is needed in order for the world to survive, let alone thrive.


Both the unification of technology and ideology, as well as the unification of the world’s population.

This simple idea of coming together has been the debate of countless people, but very few have even taken the moment to think about how the world would be if we were united. Always stopping at the point of talking about it, never discussing the future as if we were already united. This would lead to some extraordinary and innovative ideas.

Please if you take anything from this it should be this: Think about how the world would be if we were already united. Then you can understand the significance of this, and would be astonished as to why it hasn’t happened yet.

The PolyInnovator Ideal

This post is meant to be food for thought first and foremost, but I do not want to leave you with a cliff hanger.

Being a Polymath of Innovation, means that we create the technology in the first place. If we create with philosophy in mind as well, there can be a unique synergy at play

The point is that we need to unify while our technology is strong, and the level of potential cooperation is high. Doing so would allow the entire world to be strengthened. Doesn’t mean everyone has to be getting along fully, especially right away, but former enemies could become influential allies for the years to come. Think about the potential of disaster, and the lack of preparedness we all face. If an alien race were to come down right now, there a large need for concern for our unity.

Point being we need a way to unify the world, so that we can be prepared when something strikes. Virus, nuclear, super-volcano, meteor, or aliens. Whatever it may be, we need to be ready. I propose a company driven for innovation, and the success of humanity. The United Living Construct is my proposal, as it was made to be a source of inspiration for the world. Inducing self-development, and conducing world unification. With the rise of technology, it will give us a way to do everything smoothly. Simply the cooperation of the world is next.

The U.L.C. is the next step in the future for the PolyInnovator Community.

Here is hope for a new world, and one that works together for the future of humanity!

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