The Future of Daily Life

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The Future of Daily Life

The process of living is something we can all agree on, is annoying and hard. We constantly have to eat, drink, sleep, and mate. That is literally the epitome of the human existence in one sentence.

However as time goes on our lives have gotten easier, access to food is quicker, water is less scarce (though we still need to get it to everyone), and the internet has become a new “human need” of sorts.

All in all we can all agree we wouldn’t be able to go one day without any of these. Mating and internet can be delayed, but without either a person becomes more disgruntled.

The aspect to realize is that yes our necessities drive our lives, but we drive the steering wheel of choice. We CAN choose to not eat or sleep, whether it be fasting or pulling an all nighter, we still have that choice. A lot of people lack that perspective of control on your life. That gives you a lot of power if you think deeply on the matter. In fact many people exploit that as a life hack, to intermediately fast. I know that when I go without food I get “hangry”, but when I go without sleeping I start hallucinating pretty early morning. This means I can go without food, just not sleep!

Today’s post is not just about what we need as a people, for it is a chance to talk about the Self-Discipline it takes to live your life the way you want to. If you want to be healthy, then you would have to control your urges, and develop strong habits.

A Simple Balance

All in all, the level of control you have, the more visually you will have a healthy life.

Yes there should be moments of pleasure, and relaxation, but in most instances people do quite too much of both. Simply take into consideration how much TV you watch, or how much “relaxation” you do on a daily basis. Then cut it in half.

Watch how more productive your life becomes, and eventually you will feel the difference in Self-Discipline you possess. Grade yourself on your diet, exercise, and mental practice.

Take every avenue you can for growth, and do not falter off course! :)

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