The Fireside Codex 2021

TL:DR | In the new year, there is a new age for PolyInnovator. A brand new site, along with the new daily writing habit for me. I'll either be making regular posts, or doing a Fireside Codex entry.

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The Fireside Codex 2021

Welcome to the truly first post in the new Codex on the freshly made site! I am really excited to share this all with you. These are meant to be sort of bullet journal entries, or at the least akin to Leonardo Da Vinci's notebooks... ideally!

When you read them don't expect them to be super polished, but considering my history I'll probably still format a bit by pure habit. For example I know that having meta data and a cover image are two really important things. So I'll be doing those, and perhaps following the similar formula to my regular series the OmniContent if I need a structure for the idea I wish to share.

That being the WHY > HOW > WHAT sort of format.

To me this is really exciting, I hope it could be for all of you as well. The level of creativity that can come out when following a daily habit is crazy. As Seth Godin says it is not about the sheer number of posts, it is the practice you get from them. Eventually half of them will become top tier pieces of writings, but in the long run perhaps the other half will be crap.

Now I paraphrased there cause I couldn't find the exact words he used, but it does ring true. With the sheer amount of practice will come quality, and I want that practice to lead into books as well.

There is a lot of ideas I want to share with the world, and I have a ton of them lined up in the OmniContent. Such as the Four Pillars Philosophy, Ikigai, Smart City Development, Modular Degree, Education platform reviews, and an immense amount more. Literally over 700 ideas in the database, but that doesn't matter if they don't come out.

Some of them I really want to come in the format of the OmniContent so that people can hear/watch/read the ideas. Particularly in the format of their choosing.

What I think is cool is the idea of testing out those concepts in writing through the codex. See how people respond, perhaps think out the ideas more so in writing.

Then over time they have formulated themselves more on the slow burner.

The Codex Entries

Now I'm not sure if I want to number these, organize into a series, or even make any of them related. So we will play it by ear, and I'll let my creativity drive me.

Starting today, Monday, January 11, 2021, 4:00pm exactly. I will be doing daily posts on the Fireside Codex. I mentioned either at the top of this article or in the Fireside Micro-PolyCast, I don't recall, that I would perhaps count the OmniContent or other series as that daily post.

However I am really thinking that I shouldn't, even if that means I am making 2-3 posts in one day. It just means more practice, and more chances for me to hone my writing skills. Expand vocabulary, and overall length of the pieces.

The Fireside Angle

The whole point of the original "Fireside Blog" was to be an intimate content experience of my thoughts, and a way to articulate what I was thinking.

Sometimes I have too much going on in my mind, and I need an outlet. Over the years I've grown from an Extrovert to more of an Ambivert. I think this is prudent because although I still enjoy people's company, there is a growing need for isolation for me; The pandemic certainly didn't help this situation either.

Essentially being a lone writer is becoming more of the norm for me, and I need a way to channel thoughts/ideas/philosophical questions and more.

So the codex acts like a spiritual successor to that aforementioned blog, and ideally one that ends up being far better. The blog was built on a blockchain tool called that was neat, but certainly had a ways to go in writing experience. I lost my work a few times even. Another site that had that happen to me was too. Which is why I left that platform too. Wasn't able to get my posts off of there though!

All in all, I want these posts to feel like you're getting close to me. A way for us to build a relationship maybe even before meeting face to face. You'll get to know me, and then I can indulge in my curiosity to get to know you.

Length of a Bullet

One last section here. What determines a codex entry? Couldn't I make a paragraph then call it a day? Isn't some of the rules of a bullet journal being short? Didn't I hear somewhere they are 500 words? In actuality I don't know, and maybe I need to dig into the concept more as it has been a while. I most likely will, but for now my idea is 1000 words a day.

I don't want to write crap, so there has to be a point. Who knows too maybe I'll dip into the OmniContent cookie jar and steal an idea from there if I get desperate. However I know that I have tons just waiting to get out. Maybe I'll explain an endeavor I'm working on. Perhaps something happened to me on the way to work one day, or I'm going through a breakup. Something will come up that is interesting of note.

I think that striving for 1000 words gives me enough challenge to stretch my brain's muscles. Given that stimulation is one of my goals from this, and working on the habit.

Here are the two Fireside Micro-PolyCasts I did to talk about this concept!

I hope you all enjoyed this post, and please reach out if you have ideas for me to write about!

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