The Feast for the Minds

TL:DR | I’ve had the idea too to gather the greatest minds of the planet, bring them all into the future for a feast, and discuss the very many prospects of existence. Having dinner with intellectuals of all kinds, and seeing what sort of unique combinations each discussion would bring.

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The Feast for the Minds

Imagine this, you are sitting at the end a dining hall table. On right right is Leonardo Da Vinci, to your left Albert Einstein, next to them are Ada Lovelace and Aristotle.

This for twelve seats, and each person having such a wide variety of backgrounds. Most of them, if not all, are polymaths of some kind. Meaning they each have multiple specialties under their belt, and so every conversational contribution has the tenacity of multiple intelligences.

Let's assume that whatever time machine you've used to bring them all here also has a universal translator. Not unlike Doctor Who's Tardis, so that we all can understand each other.

Note: I've been wanting to make this post for ages now, but I haven't had the certain flow of creativity it needed until now.

I ask you this, what sort of questions or discussions would you like to have with them?

An Appetizer for Knowledge

Starting off you are building the appetite for knowledge, as the host you mention why they are all there. Then introduce each individual, as well as their accomplishments. I'm sure there are a lot of explaining to be done about any sort of advances in technology or knowledge.

Once you somehow have established where the world is at the time, and what progress humanity has made there is bound to be many questions from your guests. Perhaps take this time to whet their appetite.

Now that they realize who they are talking to and what about, now is the time to start the real discussions.

Into the Meat of It

Loud rants of philosophical disagreements, interesting dialogues about how science and the arts can come together, and just simply the joyful uproars akin to a viking feast in Valhalla. The great minds may disagree on some things, but they all have the pension for self-growth. They come to the agreement to find a way to better the pursuits of humanity.

As host you direct them to the problems we are facing now, perhaps some of your guests are from the future, and they try to steer you in the right direction. With the analytical minds from the scientists, the questioning from the philosophers, and the overall collective IQ of [Insert monumental number here]; You have now solved the world's problems in the matter of a couple hours.

Going forward you indulge into your own curiosity, and ask the questions you've always wanted to know from these great minds.

The Caviar of Wisdom

Overwhelmed with new knowledge, and new profound understanding of the universe and life as a whole. You decide to take a quick break from the meal to recover your now blown mind. Venturing back you join the discourse once again, going toe to toe with the greats.

Each person giving you their magnum opus in words, and aiming to deliver it to the world. Even if they failed to do so in their own times. Nikola Tesla eccentrically writes down his ideas, for he knows now his destiny, and wants his knowledge to be passed on to you. A noble host for a group of amazing men and women.

A Just Desert

Going onto the topic of justice for the final course. You pick the brains of everyone there, what does it mean to be just? How might we define justice in society.

Each giving their answers, such as:

Leonardo "One must find the just right to live freely upon their desires and curiosity of the world."

Einstein "We must question our reality as a source, and how it must impact the way we live from the justice of the universe."

Ada Lovelace "We could compute the ideas of justice from the examples of the past, into an algorithm that could define it for us."

Now these are just my own interpretations of what these people would say, but it is food for thought to imagine asking a question to a table full of great minds. #mindpalace.

The Full Course Comes to an End

Now comes the time that you must say goodbye to all your newfound friends. The conversations you had will forever be in your heart, and the forefront of your mind. Let's hope you recorded them for future viewing. Although each person upon returning to their time will have forgotten about the meal ever happening.

That way there are no timeline disruptions of course, and that the conversations have not influenced them beyond a faint memory of a dream they had of the feast for their minds.

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