The Epic Muse

TL:DR | To share the feelings of the soul, and adapt the muses inside to a presentation for others. Whether that is creating or simply singing.

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The Epic Muse

The Music I would Like to Create

As someone who has loved music all of his life I have felt a cling towards the creative. Being able to describe the mentality and flux of the soul, via the beats and sounds.

Over my years I have come across so many genres, sub-genres, mash ups, content mixes, and much more. I really love music, and I even taught myself how to sing well by going to karaoke religiously. Four nights a week for years, and always tried to do at least 3 songs a night (you basically get one song per hour because of size of crowd). Some nights though would only be 2, or even just one, which always really sucked because I went to feel the connection with the muse.

Some people would even call me soulful, and I sang all kinds of music. Although towards the beginning of my time there I sang so much Sinatra and crooner music, that my name was in the Sinatra section of the song list book!

The Connection to the Muse

Something I haven't really discussed much, even with friends. The thrill of being on stage, achieving the difficult notes when singing, or finding new songs to see what sort of angle you could try next. I had a wonderful guest on the PolyCast who talked to me about Musical Frisson, which is when you get the hairs standing up, and chills when listening to a certain emotional song. The tug on the heart strings if you will.

That is the connection at work when listening, but there is a different sort of connection when you are the one producing the music.

I find that growing up I tried to expand my musical interests pretty far, from metal to Bollywood, to even video game soundtracks. Even now as I write this I have to have some sort of "soundtrack to my life", and I'm listening to "BEYOND INFINITY - Epic Futuristic Hybrid Music Mix" to motivate myself.

In Other Words

Some of the points I have made here have been in the mindset of the past. What sort of things do I hope to achieve in the future to regain that connection to the muse? In reality it is a temporary connection.

Whether it is spiritual, psychological, esoteric, or something completely different, I cannot say with certainty.

I do know that I enjoy creating, I enjoy music, and I want to be famous in some shape or form. The ideal comes from the fact that I want to #Makeachange in the world, and so what better way than to create music?

I have a couple Dozen albums already conceptualized, and in preliminary planning stages. Although I can't play instruments to create the music, at least not yet. I'm not counting my voice or the ocarina!

Whether I am covering songs, making my own albums, or creating spiritual successors to my favorite tunes. I have a ton of plans for a massive phase of PolyInnovator in the future.

This is my muse, to create, and to share the soul feels I contain.

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