The Dynamics of the Mind

TL:DR | How you see the world is EVERYTHING. Your mindset, values, and bias are what cause you to see what you see. How you react is extremely important.

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Under the light of your life there is a factor that never ceases to exist, your mind. It is how you perceive the world, how you process any sort of information, and most of all it creates who you are as a person.

You cannot take away what you do not like about yourself, without consciously making an effort for change. Nor can you create any positive experience without effort either. It all comes down to choice, and really foremost discipline.

“I think therefore I am” -Rene Descartes

Overall the mindset you acquire over your life is what defines you as a person, and contrary to popular belief that changes…a lot. Your mind changes whenever ANY new information makes way to your brain, and that is okay as it builds your character. Fighting this occurrence is where dissonance with yourself comes forth. When you “don’t feel right”, or are mentally limited. When your opinion of yourself is greater than the actual fact, or vice versa, preventing growth.

If you feel stuck in life it could be how your mindset is configured, and manipulating that could change the very aspect of your existence. Changing this could be the solution to all your problems. If you think you have none, then here is to a fulfilled life. However take a deep look just to make sure you are not overlooking some small detail.

Various different factors go into a good life, and realizing them continuously throughout life is key to mastering them. Today I was looking at a young child and an old woman, seeing two ends of the spectrum, and how they both coincide. It is amazing to think of how fragile we are as a species, and our minds are no different. The child was giving a parent a high five, and walking around. Gaining skill in balance and mind to body dexterity. Conversely the older woman was practicing movement, and aiming to improve her balance, and her dexterity. It doesn’t matter how old you are, there is always one true factor, you are never truly done improving yourself.

It is my hope you can leave this post today with a deeper intention of improving your mind, no matter how little effort you are putting in, it is still effort nonetheless. In the burdens we carry we let it impact our minds, and the trick to happiness is to not let that happen. Becoming a truly wondrous person, in a compassionate life.

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