The Darkness of a Happy Man

TL:DR | I've been facing my darkness lately, and the feelings that have cropped up have an impact. This post is me expressing those feelings.

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The Darkness of a Happy Man

Every person faces their own shadow in their own way. What becomes of us in the end, is determined by how much we are able to combat or embrace.

This post is essentially a sequel to this post.

The Sadness of a Happy Man
A codex entry to exclaim my lifelong darkness, and how I have tried to overcome it. Fighting the shadow within is not an easy task, but we all must do it.

While I don't feel sad at this point, the feeling still remains in the darkness of my life or soul. Whichever it may be.

In the original post I talk about the pain that the three men faced. The pain they faced alone, and how it impacted their lives. At least with Po he was able to find peace, but Avicii and Robin Williams sadly were not.

Their lives ended before they could find their own peace. I find that I don't want to end up like that. I must do my best to face my darkness head on. In the end either vanquish or embrace the shadow, as you must do in Jungian psychology.

This post is quite personal, and thus I put it behind the PolyPRO membership wall. If you would like to keep reading, then please check out the PolyPRO.

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NOW Page 39 Oct 2023

After an entire month of being sick. Now I can hope that I'll be getting better. Here is what is new and planned for October!

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Nothing Can Drown out this Fire

I feel the constant struggle, and the pain of trying to continue on when there is no light in sight. The only light I have comes from within, the fire inside that drives me forward.

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