The Building of the PolyInnovator Ecosystem

TL:DR | Today I wanted to give a bit of insight behind the curtains so to speak. Giving the readers, and people who were brought to this article, a chance to see what I am doing. More over the WHY behind I am doing it all.

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The Building of the PolyInnovator Ecosystem

I’ve talked about it on the United Living Construct blogs I’ve made, and a bit from the reasoning behind the “Do It Yourself Degree” in the PolyInnovator posts. However I never explained how they all fit together.,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/
United Living Construct and PolyInnovator
Firstly it all breaks down to this: I wanted to #makeachange in the world.

The reason why is that I felt that we needed to increase our speed in advancing towards being a Type-1 Kardashev scale. I think I could instill a path for humanity with the help of others.

How I plan to do this is by creating a platform of change, the U.L.C., as a online progressive web app. A digital platform, probably a PaaS (Platform as a service), then into a unique physical structure. What is known as a “Seastead”, which could act like a beacon to the world on what humanity could accomplish when coming together.

What this means is that we could eventually, within my lifetime even, create a fundamentally different world than what we see today. Instilling much more globalization, with a positive sustainability endeavor driving it forward. The #makeachange movement is something I think truly can be done.,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/

This is where I come in, as I’m not special really in the sense I was born with some genius. I’m going to roll over in my grave (or ashes so to speak) if a future psychologist does an analysis on me, and I do have some sort of quirk that made me think differently. [SQ or CQ perhaps?]

However what I do know is that I am a multipotentialite, which is someone with the potential to do many things. I desperately crave being a polymath, as I feel it in my blood. I have always ended up being a jack of all trades in everything I do. Growing up I would say as a very young lad that I wanted to be a “Business man”. Later I would say “CEO of an international company driven to innovate technology and ideology”. Meaning I have been at this for a long time, and you might say that I have been going towards it all my life.

Despite this I eagerly tried to create the platform last year, and failed at creating enough Call to Actions. Particularly in the development and monetization (for growth purposes). I had someone even tell me that I should develop my personal brand on the side, or even full time. However I insisted on pursuing the U.L.C. vigorously. This ended up making me burn out by the end of 2017. I hit hard, stopped working on the side hustle, stopped working out (which I work at a gym so that is saying something), and stopped enjoying work for a time. I got out of the funk the early months of this year.

Here is that site for the curious, there are a bunch of articles on there to read. The domain name is not the same as I stopped using the hosting.
Do note that these posts are old, and have all been revamped in some form on this new site.

Before We Continue, Here is a Bit of My Life Goals

I’ve never talked about some of these EVER online. Meaning this will be the first time I’ve opened up about some of them. This is also some of the order of what I want to accomplish them too. With the exception of books maybe, as I’ll probably write them all throughout.

United Living Construct

As I said before this is the platform I aim to create, hopefully in the near future, but I fear it may end up taking longer. Perhaps even after all of the below is done.

“World Unity through Self-Development”

Build My Personal Brand for Speaking, Content Creation, and Keynotes

I may hate the sound of my voice on recording, but I love the talking. I adore helping others accomplish something. I end up doing a massive amounts of research for my own self-development. In the end I am stuck with a lot of knowledge that I don’t always get to use right away.

This allows me to teach others, and I have spent half a decade already teaching Aquatics Exercise, so I know I am teacher at heart.

As it so happens I gave my first talk this past week, and although I was limited to five minutes it was an interesting experience! - Jan 2021,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/
Future phase of PolyInnovator (gaming)

PolyInnovator Gaming

My biggest fear is that once I get going with some of the other things, then I start this people are going to think I am slaking. Though that wouldn’t be farther from the truth.

I have always been a gamer, it is my number one pass time, and when I feel overwhelmed from work or more importantly the side hustle. I rely on games to relax me. At the very least distract me.

I thought If I started streaming my games, that I was already going to play anyways. Then I could connect with more audiences, and it would give a unique experience to my followers as well. :) #gamer

PolyInnovator Music

On the same note as before people may think I am straying too far from course, but ironically I spent a lot of the past couple years teaching myself how to sing. It was one of my major learning experiences in my development.

I also always seemed to have this love of music. Never understanding too much of the music theory, though I’ve studied more on it now. I still have a strong understanding of music, and how it’s formed. I also have some genres I would like to mix in a unique way.

Video Games

PolyInnovator Gaming will definitely tie into this one. However instead of playing them, I would be creating them.

Growing up I created a story series, with intricate plot threads that span time on the cosmic scale. Fascinating adventures, and elemental characters. I aim to when I get even the slightest chance to create this series. Probably even turn it into comics if able. This may sound the most out of all endeavors the most out there, but all in all probably most fun.

Virtual Reality Four Pillars

VR is going to eventually hit the mainstream. It will happen, just a matter of when.

The Four Pillars Philosophy is a life ethos that curates self-development into a simple modern philosophical experience. If I am able to develop a course or program for VR it could help improve many people’s lives. I think this would go alongside many of the other endeavors.


Throughout the entirety of this list I will be writing, more than likely blogs like this one, but I have already started three books. One of which correlates to the United Living Construct, one on how to swim (I’ve taught how to for half a decade), and more. I am sure I will make one documenting my journey on becoming a Polyinnovator too.

All Culminating into Being a Polymath

Of course it would come down to this in the end. I’ve already learned many computer ways of being a tech polymath. I do graphics design, video creation, computer building, and much more. However it is going to be much different once I have accomplished even half of this list.

I could be remembered as a polymath, and the legacy could inspire others like me in the future.

Thus Came PolyInnovator

The polymath of our time, more than a modern polymath, but one of innovation. Change, and unity.

Creating the future of the planet we all live on.

This personal brand started with the self-education endeavor to teach myself the various areas of needed innovation. In order to create my ideal career, and of course things will change. That is the happening of life, you can never predict what will happen, nor change what has happened. I look back at the events of my life, and every major one (and minor ones) have lead me to this point.

I think 2017/2018/2019 are going to be some of the most important years of my life. As they mark the time where I hunkered down, and hustled. I will not stop after that oh no. This is only the beginning…

It is 2021 right now as I revamp this post, and let me just say it hasn't even slowed down a bit. I've taken REIT-off periods, or have burned out, but I have always gotten back up. Currently I'm sitting here with 20+ tabs open to revamp old posts, and in my head it is going to take all day. That is completely okay with me, but I may strive for a shorter time frame! #constraints.

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