The Spirit Pillar

TL:DR | Be careful not to neglect your spirituality. It doesn't matter how strong you are, how smart you are, etc, if you don't have spiritual alignment. Understanding yourself.

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The Four Pillars Philosophy - Spirit

One of Four of the “Four Pillars Philosophy”, and often times in most people sometimes ignore this Pillar.

When people think of Self-Development they think exercise/nutrition (Body Pillar) or Learning and knowledge (Mind Pillar), but the two things many people often overlook are the Emotions and Spirit Pillars. All are deeply interconnected, as well as can change dramatically all on their own too.

On my own Self-Dev journey I have focused on the Mind and Body connection for the most part, but the problem is that is wrong. You cannot just focus on one or two Pillars, but of all of them at the same time. Now you do need to isolate some practices, but remember always that your actions will impact the other Pillars as well. For good or bad is up to the action.

Lately I personally have felt in a funk, as if there was some sort of disturbance in my person. I couldn’t explain it quite well rationally, I knew it didn’t originate physically, and my emotions were effected by it after it happen (so I know they didn’t cause it). This left my Spirit Pillar being the cause of the uneasiness overall. I recruited the help of my greatly spiritual uncle, whom was able to aid me in creating stability.

Spirit Pillar Does Not Mean Religion

However it does not discount whatever particular belief system you employ in your faith and life. I personally have seen too many people get caught up in their spiritual endeavors, and it lead to turmoil in their life. More prudently in their Four Pillars as a whole, but it can as well create harmony between Pillars. Just as much as any other Pillar can truly as well, it is all about Balance, no matter which Pillar you start from.

Personally I see parallels in everything, this allows me to teach almost any concept I know even just a fraction about very well. Simply because being able to see the parallels allows for a translation of sorts when teaching, this is the basis of a strong didactic response in people’s lives. It is why I pursued the U.L.C. in a way that I have, and why I bring it up right now. In religion there is an enormous amounts of parallels within other beliefs, and vice versa in between. They all have a sense of unity, despite sometimes being really different on the surface. Islam and Christianity first come to mind, on the surface their practices are often quite different, though originating from the same source, but their ideological themes can be similar in nature. As well as parallels to some eastern ideologies.

I’ll move on before people start to throw the pitchforks, as for today it is about the Spirit Pillar in a basic sense.

Parallels Are the Start of Intrapersonal Unity

Being able to understand the parallels of your life, and the inner workings of your essence is the foundation for spiritual practices. This is where Prayer, Yoga, Tai Chi, and many other forms of meditation comes from. Meditation is often mentally referred to the more Buddhist version: sitting down in a crossed leg position, and breathing. However in a more comprehensive stance it simply is a method of communicating with your inner self.

Even atheists can have that inner dialogue, for one way I would suggest looking at it would be to be connecting with your subconscious. As a person of science AND philosophy, I cannot help but think of the parallels in this case too. In the past I have had issues with my logical mind preventing me from being open minded to spiritual practices, but conversely I have been lead down the path of ideological ignorance. This is not to anyone’s offense on either side, as I respect both sides, but to illuminate that everyone has their moments of not being able to see.

Spiritual Alignment

In this case I was feeling a disturbance in my Chakras, that is how I choose to explain the issue. Now if you feel isolated because of your belief system, including the scientific, then I implore you to open your mind to the possibilities of their existence. Some food for thought: Scientifically think of Chakras as electromagnetic energy systems within our body, directly the caloric or perhaps our metabolic properties. Or Chakras as points of Prayer within our bodies.

Lastly I want to openly thank my uncle for helping me with my issue, and illuminating me with the possibilities of the Spiritual ideologies.

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