Social Media Management Dark Ages

TL:DR | I've tried over 90 SMM tools, and yet none of them come close to what is needed in modern success.

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Social Media Management Dark Ages

Look social media is already OVERRUN with marketers, and companies trying to grab your attention. One thing I learned early on, especially with the guidance of Gary Vee, is that you gotta make it worth people's time.

Create something that not only you, but your friends may want to NEED to see. Create something that either entertains, educates, inspires, or if you can ALL THREE. Then you will actually get someones attention, and won't waste their time too.

My goal with PolyInnovator was to take a Polymath approach to everything, it is even in my Values Statement in the PolyInnovator Archive. With that approach in mind, and the audacity Gary Vee always exudes I concluded that you need to be everywhere.

I had my uncle tell me that "oh you can't be everywhere", or "what if you get sick and can't post" etc etc. However back then he didn't know much about automation, bulk batching, and simply just planning your posts out ahead of time. Now when people hear automation, they automatically think of the scum of a marketer's existence: the people who auto DM you, or spam your page etc.

That is not what I mean at all.

Being Omnipresent

Automation is key for setting up to maximize the algorithm. You are not going to be spamming your followers if you post 15 times a day, for one simple reason.... the platform just doesn't let you show up. You could post at the perfect time, with a great post, but if your follower doesn't show then it doesn't matter. Then you get lost in the feed, and even worse they don't ever see you because you don't post at THEIR time.

It is about them, not you, that the algorithm allocates posts for. This is something that people need to realize, even if you aren't a content creator.

How do we get around this? Well you use a Social Media Management tool, and then set up posts to automatically come out at specific times or intervals. However unless you just don't care, most tools have weird settings to tweak, and more often than not they are missing vital platforms like Instagram or Pinterest.

I tried SO many tools out there because I was just trying to find one that could do all that I needed. Which at the time wasn't much, although it has gotten much crazier since then.

I realized that in order to get your posts seen you need to get specific. The times, days, intervals, and even make unique posts each time.

Let's say you make a blog post, well you need to send it out to like 5 platforms, then set up a schedule for a day later, week later, month later, 2 months later, and I would even go for a year later. Allowing for that specific post to get the greatest reach it possibly can.

Each of those posts go out at certain times, the two first ones are most important, as one goes out when you post, and the other goes out the opposite time of day as the day before. After that the posts don't matter so much time wise.

Here is a link to the best known resource for SMM tools, I don't use oneup, but I have used this link so many times to show people. It is the blog post I would have made from all my experience, if this guy hadn't done it already.

Multiplication of Posts and Cross Posting

Multiple platforms, multiple posts each, and that is just from ONE piece of content. Here is where things get interesting...REPURPOSING.

When you create a blog post why stop there? Why not record a video of you reading over it, with added lines of dialogue. Okay that may sound boring, but don't read it word for word. Create a slideshow based on the blog, then you have something to look at besides your face. Cool now you can post to slideshare too!

Create the video with blog post and slideshare, take out the audio for a podcast, then you have THREE pieces of Pillar Content. Meaning macro content so to speak, and you can take all of those and do social media campaigns.

Here is a great tool that I endorse very much so for this purpose! (affiliate link cause its awesome.) It automatically publishes #podcasts and #FacebookLive to #YouTube and more. Try it out for free -

Do note that many people start with a video first, then extract audio for podcast, and then transcribe for blog post. However transcriptions often make terrible blog posts.

Okay so you have 3 Pillar pieces, and you created social media campaigns. Mind you there are a lot of social media platforms, and you need to be on as many as possible to get as much reach as possible. Thereby Automation is very helpful for that, but somethings you just gotta do manually and that's okay.

Think about it though from those 3 pieces and campaigns, you now have close to 50 pieces of content if not 100 pieces depending on how many platforms you choose. In my calculations for my social media plan I got 107 pieces, but I also included repurposing and various blog post boost platforms like Mix or Zest.

Modern Day Celebrities are Influencers

Here lies my problem, for I have yet to find a platform or solid task list idea, to do all of those steps. It is just if you do all that you will literally be leagues ahead of everyone else. Just remember this all originates from GOOD if not GREAT content. No spamming or crap pieces, to the best of your ability. It is a fascinating idea, and many new influencers and creators are coming up with no plans.

You have to have a strategy for success, and I just gave you the best one. ;)

Now find out how to do it with me.

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