Simple Ways to Influence World Change

TL:DR | #MAKEACHANGE PolyInnovator | We can really change the world by changing the way we act. If we change how we act as a person, then keep that flowing into every person around us. It will dramatically improve our lives, then open us to new endeavors in the future.

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United Living Construct, The Proposed Solution

Get Back to Mastering Yourself First (MICRO)

Mastery over your own mind is crucial aspect to every life, it is what causes us all to move forward, and to become the best version of ourselves. When you start this process it can never end, not because of the possibility of failing isn’t there, oh no simply because you would never even want it to.

The rush you get when you finally accomplish something you have worked hard for and the sense of how much more you have to do for your next goal. It always keeps you going forward. Now you can get knocked down, you can get beaten to the curb, and you can even get to the brink of death, but no matter what you must get yourself back up.

The reason why you must get back up every time you fall is because you have the potential to become something more. Every single individual is a catalyst for improvement, a crucial aspect to world change. The world can only change if each part does prior, the world is us. We are the world incarnate. People, creatures, nature, are all what the world encompasses. IF we change only THEN can the world change. Now where does this come down to you?

Every day.

Every day you have the opportunity to change the world, or more particularly SOMEONE’s world. You can make the difference in someone’s day just to make it a little bit better.,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/
  1. Make a Change in your immediate surroundings. The potential you have for good can make even the worst days better, and you can find even a happy person and make them happier. (It’s actually easier that way) Yet it’s even more beautiful when you can make a sad person happy.
  2. Make a Change within your family. Try to expand your family’s tastes in music, food, literature. Expand their own likes and interests, they can do the same for you! Share what you love and listen to them when they do the same. Be someone they can count on. Be family.
  3. Make a Change in your community. Go volunteer, go teach, go play with the neighborhood kids, go challenge the city to make things better where you live. Change the way recycling is done in local places, make potlucks where people bring healthy non-GMO foods, have a day in the park where people bring fruit and veggies. etc.
  4. Make a Change in yourself. It really comes down to you, and if you can expand your own prowess, your own abilities, then you can use them for the greater good. Expand your mindset don’t let the common herd mentality or past experiences cloud your present judgement. As they say “live in the moment”, for really its all you have. All you’re guaranteed at the very least.
  5. Lastly, Make a Change in the world. Changing the world isn’t as hard as it sounds, it simply starts by you just DOING IT. You have to make a difference in all aspects of life, like listed above, but just by doing so you have already changed the world. All you have to do after that is spread it out more!

Fitting Into Your Potential

Becoming an ULCian doesn’t just mean becoming part of a group that aims to change the world. It means becoming the best version of yourself you can be. ULCians have an inherent capacity to improve. We can all strive for higher and higher goals, and achieve them with the help of each other. There is an auto-didactic (self-learner) nature and polymathic (jack of all trades) nature as well.

Note: This was when I was pursuing the U.L.C. full force, and the idea of becoming an "ULCian" as I called. Simply was a way of explaining becoming an innovator or polymath. Or rather the original thought processes behind what later became "PolyInnovator"!

The whole balancing the Four Pillars philosophy was created in order to keep a balanced life. I believe that if your life is in chaos, or even just mildly unbalanced, it can prevent you from improving yourself.

Take for example you strive hard and hard to increase your muscle mass by working out regularly, BUT due to stress and constantly workload your emotional and mental pillars are out of sync. Thereby causing ripple effects on the body and preventing you from improving

Conversely if you focus purely on your brain, and spend all your time learning, studying, and testing. That you forget to take care of your body, then you would be scrawny and weak. This happens a lot with the “nerds” of high school and college.You just have to keep gaining muscle and strength. Pure determination.

You can’t let one aspect of life deflate the others, or your progress WILL halt.


Where Change Can Happen (MACRO)

There is not much we have to do, simply change our energy sources, societal norms, and leadership structure of the world. Three simple steps to improve the entirety of humanity.


Our energy consumption levels are dramatically too high, and they are only projected to be increased in the next decade. There is no need for somethings like street lights being on consistently, or the use of old bulbs that are inefficient. There are plenty of technologies now that are viable replacements for many current standards. Such as LED lighting, biking or walking to places instead of driving, having a strong city wide public transportation system, etc.

Not only that but solar panel technology has gotten significantly cheaper, new innovations in wind turbines, innovative hydro dynamic engines, and much more can be used to replace many energy sources we have now. All it takes is for the society to change the mindset of where we get our energy, and the slight cost of upgrading. People say “why should I change when it is free not to?”, well it won’t be free to our ecosystem. The damage we have made is already unreasonable, yet we choose to ignore the natural call signs of global warming.

There is great potential in these highly versatile technologies, and no negative impact on the Earth. Why we haven’t already fully integrating them is astonishing.


Our common people mindset is highly sheepish, and just go with the flow of the group. We have limitless knowledge in our pockets, in our homes, and at work. Still people find themselves stuck in rudimentary tasks, primitive mindsets, and lacking in common sense.

There is a saying by the U.L.C. “Philosophy is only common sense you haven’t learned yet.”, and this holds true for the wise people across the world.

REACH OUT AND #MAKEACHANGE, in your life, in your neighbors life, and in the lives of the people in your city. If we all start to make a difference it will cascade throughout the country then world. We have the potential as a society to get some amazing things accomplished. If you look at what we started to do when the internet was being the innovation hub, and during the Space Race, there is massive potential in the common people. Just need to activate their drive to get things accomplished!


Unification is necessary for habitual growth of the world. We need strong leaders who can instill compassion and unity. The leaders of the world are necessary to get things done, but they need to be people who are worth following. Not appointed to the position by pure societal votes, but by people who have thoroughly researched the representative. Creating a much stronger outcome, as the people deciding know all there is to know about the person. This should grow into a society standard, that in order to vote, there needs to be some sort of test of knowledge on the candidates.

Once this is accomplished our leaders of the world will stand out in quality, as we know they can meet our needs. Not only that our leaders should be from all walks of life, not just debate, but from science, agriculture, and others. Then trained on how to be a politician with the chance to follow their own course. This way there is no confining to a norm, but just a chance for them to learn how to lead, to better suit the people.

This will lead to a stronger and more unified response to the elections, and more a decisive system that allows for greater progress.

These are fine and dandy, but if we don’t act on them nothing will change. You reading this, yes you, please start to do something. It does not matter if it is just buying a solar panel to charge your phone, or going out and changing your home to be purely solar powered during the day. The impact that you are making just by starting will ripple down. We can really change the world by changing the way we act. If we change how we act as a person, then keep that flowing into every person around us. It will dramatically improve our lives, then open us to new endeavors in the future.

Change the person, change the energy source, change the society, then we have a massively new unified world.

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