Shorts, Reels, and Tiktoks (Pinterest?)

TL:DR | Vertical short form content is the current top dog. To be honest it has been for a while, even longer than you might have realized. What do we do as creators to take advantage of this?

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Shorts, Reels, and Tiktoks (Pinterest?)

Short form content kings/queens out there, here is a post for all of you.

Depending on the platform you can go for certain lengths, but in general your videos are going to be 30-60 seconds. Quick note: Tiktok allows for up to 10 minutes currently, and Instagram I think is either 90 seconds or 60 minutes. The reason why I am unsure even after looking it up, is that the limit for Reels was upped to 90 seconds over this last Summer. However I have posted singing videos that were multiple minutes long, so I am not sure if they just kept the IGTV max length (and didn't tell anybody).

Let's talk today about why this type of content is important, and how to do something about it.

A Chance at Virality

Tiktok is one of the biggest platforms in the world, and although it has a randomness factor to it; I find that it has the MOST powerful algorithm (even more than YT). If your video is good it doesn't matter if you have a following, there is a great chance it will get seen.

Reels and Shorts are no slackers either though. You'll find that with copious amounts of quality content, then it will grow your channels/profiles.

A few years ago I'd tell you to make five Tiktoks a day, and now I'd say honestly close to 10 a day. Sure there is a point of diminishing returns. However with how certain niches can be, and finicky different times of day will impact you. There is a logical reason to post so many. That being giving you the most chances to be seen, and if you are repurposing then it almost becomes too easy.

Currently it seems that it is most wise to syndicate your made videos across all three main channels. Repurpose your long form content, and cut them into short form clips.

Content Repurpose Ideas and Tips

Take this with a grain of salt, some of these you'll know, and some you won't. I am still not even doing all of this fully myself because of the sheer amount of content I produce. However the better I get myself, and the more I use the amazing tools I've collaborated with. The more I will be doing all this myself, and the better this newsletter will get.

I've been on Tiktok like I said for multiple years, and there are some strategies I've learned there that are fool-proof. Now Shorts and Reels are basically the same, but simply just 3 months behind on trends. If you keep that in mind, then you'll be golden.

Disclaimer! I do not certify success, but rather believe this is your BEST chance. You really can't gaurantee anything, but by giving you my best advice you can feel most confident in it.

Keep in mind that despite the consistency of content is the same for the most part, each channel IS DIFFERENT still. I see moving photos on Insta, and more snapshot informational videos on Shorts, while Reddit videos or tv show clips on Tiktok. Just to name a FEW examples.

One of my top tier strategies for Tiktok, that theoretically should work on the others, is the trending theme campaign. For example a while back, there was a theme where people would go up their mirror and say "this is my voice one week in INSERT LOCATION HERE", and then they would come back with  "this is my voice two weeks in blank", all the way up to like a month. With each interval getting more of an accent from that region. Like "one week in Germany", with a more and more defined German accent, until at the end where the person is literally just speaking dramatized German in a funny way.

Where am I going with this? Well this happened with multiple countries, languages, and regions. To the point were I was able to collect 12 highly trending audios, that all related together. I made a video for each one, with a funny twist. The Italian one for example used the meme "somebody toucha my spaghet!", which is a bit stereotypical, but very common in the meme space.

I took that line, and in my video put a box of pasta in front of me. Not only did that video garner a lot of attention, but the series as a whole. I linked them all together with a custom hashtag, #polyworldtour, and I gained 900 followers in a week. Now to be clear this was when Tiktok was more viral for growth, but the strategy stands to this day.

Another idea is the informational news. You'd be so surprised to hear that people are STILL not making nearly enough new update posts. An example being in gaming, this a strategy I'm going to do at the start of the new year myself, each month certain digital game stores offer free games. They change week to week, or month to month, and while I'll see some blog posts or long form YT videos. I NEVER see anyone make shorts for them.

Each month or week you can use that new game offerings as a content idea, and quickly make a little series for yourself. I encourage you to find an equivalent in your space that is similiar.

After I get the content repurposing tool reviews out in the world, along with some comparison newsletter posts too. I intend on making a lot of paid content for this series. Basically there is tons of free content, and 1-2 times a month I create a mega post for my PolyPRO members. I'll be putting some of my best advice and unique strategies in a couple mega posts for this newsletter. To get access you'll have to be a PolyPRO member! :)

Couple Tools for Repurposing

Here are a couple I felt that were wise to highlight to help you repurpose. In no particular order.


Originally for taking your Twitch and YouTube gaming clips, and then turning them into uniquely styled vertical videos. In the future also some interview style too.

Combo | Convert Twitch Clips to TikToks, Reels, YouTube Shorts
Supercharge the growth of your Twitch channel with automated TikTok clips.


Geared more towards interviews, educational, and overall interpersonal video types.

Repurpose Your Video & Audio Content - Recast Studio
Easily convert Podcasts, Zoom recordings, Webinars, Talking head videos, and other long-form video content into engaging social media videos.


More of a zapier type of repurposing, and they have an automation to make vertical videos swiftly.

Repurposing content for social media the easy way »
Repurposing content for social media made easy. Automatically repurpose YouTube, TikTok, Lives, Podcasts, and Zoom calls. Try it for FREE.

Pinterest a Short form Content Platform?

While I have limited experience with Pinterest as a whole, I have been on there for a long while. It is also a great catch all place if you do it right.

They recently this year started focusing more on short form video, and I've even seen one of my younger family members watching tiktoks on PINTEREST OVER the actual Tiktok app.

I'll try to talk more on this as I learn more myself, but here is a great post and video from another creator that goes into it in more detail!

How to Repurpose TikToks Videos to Pinterest Idea Pins
Should you repurpose tiktok videos to Pinterest idea pins? In theory yes, but you need to do it in a very strategic way to see results.

🥡 Takeaways

Alright that was a longer post this time around, and I think I found a couple updates to the format to this series. When I started my Swimming newsletter I had a format in mind, but with the Digest there were topics in mind. However the format was still escaping me.

I think each week I will highlight a particular tool, since there are so many to look into. Today I posted three because they are amazing, but each week it will just be ONE. Also this "🥡 Takeaways" ending style I find to be well fitting as the conclusion section.

I hope today left you with an idea or two to do over the course of this next week!

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